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#1. Southly thru shrubby heath we tromped now till we got to wideway. Wideway I'd heard o' from storymen an' here it was, an open, long, flat o' roadstone. SAplin's'n'bush was musclin' up but wondersome'n'wild was that windy space. - Author: David Mitchell
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#2. What were we, but kids with apartments and jobs anyway? - Author: Brian Joyce
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#3. War! It is purification, liberation, an enormous hope ... The victory of Germany will be a paradox, nay, a wonder: a victory of the soul over numbers ... The German soul is opposed to the pacifist ideal of civilization, for is not peace the element, of civil corruption? - Author: Thomas Mann
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#4. Your eternal destiny will not be the result of chance but of choice. - Author: Randall K. Bennett
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#5. You must get outside yourself, and must begin to examine and understand yourself. - Author: James Allen
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#6. The world was a merciless place. Hard and cruel. Except when you found someone to trust and love. Life, however fleeting, possessed meaning then. - Author: Sophie Jordan
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#7. Each human being was given two qualities: power and the gift. Power directs us towards our destiny; the gift obliges us to share with others what is best in us. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#8. It is the act of reading itself that I miss, the opportunity to retreat further and further from the world until I have found some space, some air that isn't stale, that hasn't been breathed by my family a thousand times already. - Author: Nick Hornby
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#9. One day is enough to master reading in Korean. Hangeul is a very scientific and convenient alphabet system for communication. - Author: J.M.G. Le Clezio
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#10. I came to believe that a leader isn't good because they're right; they're good because they're willing to learn and to trust. - Author: Stanley A. McChrystal
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#11. Sometimes war takes an arm, or an eye, or it takes two legs from us, but above all the war takes our belief in humanity away from us! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#12. But the more store you set in visions the more they have a habit of coming true. - Author: Sally Green
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#13. They know, the courts know, the people know that they have no way of changing the results as it affects them. - Author: Kenneth Blackwell
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#14. How can I love when you're so cheap? - Author: Rob Zombie
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#15. It was so easy to disappear, so easy to deny knowledge, so very easy in the smoke and din to mask that something dark had taken root. This was Chicago, on the eve of the greatest fair in history. - Author: Erik Larson
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