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#1. The baggage in your individual life will weigh down your married life. Do something about it.

Ted Lowe

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#2. Digging a ditch where madness gives a bit
Digging a ditch where silence lives
Digging a ditch for when I'm old
Digging this ditch my story's told
Where all these troubles weigh down on me will rise ...
Where all these questions spinning round my head will die

Dave Matthews

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#3. Weigh down your curtains with a proper 5-inch hem. It makes them much more proportioned and professional-looking.

Emily Henderson

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#4. There's no reason anyone should ever feel lonely when there's love everywhere. There's no excuse for talented people to trudge through life. And if we weigh down our children, the very source that makes the stars blaze in the sky, then we may wake to realize we've lost something irretrievable.

Sarah Noffke

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#5. Divine love does not weigh down, nor carry his servant captive and enslaved to the lowest depths, but raises him, supports him and magnifies him above all liberty whatsoever.

Giordano Bruno

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#6. How many things do we feel obliged to do for the sake of it, or for appearances, or because we are trained to do them, but which weigh us down and don't in fact achieve anything?

Antoine Laurain

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#7. Ski racing is not about how much you weigh. If weight was the key, everybody would be sucking down food.

Lindsey Vonn

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#8. Each day the memories weigh a little heavier. Each day they drag you down that bit further. You wind them around you, a single thread at a time, and you weave your own shroud, you build a cocoon, and in it madness grows.

Mark Lawrence

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#9. In conclusion, the arms of others either fall from your back, or they weigh you down, or they bind you fast.

Niccolo Machiavelli

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#10. I used to weigh myself every day at a certain time of day. Then I would write down the number and measure my body fat. It wasn't a healthy way to live.

Katherine Heigl

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#11. Ezekiel 33:10 says that our sins weigh us down and we will waste away our lives because of them.


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#12. Pan's Labyrinth works on so many levels that it seems to change shape even as you watch it. It is, at times, a joyless picture, and its pall of sadness can begin to weigh you down.

Stephanie Zacharek

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#13. If we try to hold on to so many things, both real and imaginary, thoughts and emotions, fears, worries and expectations, then we begin to weigh our hearts down and make our minds restless.

Gyalwa Dokhampa

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#14. O sleep, O gentle sleep, Nature's soft nurse, how have I frightened thee, 1710. That thou no more will weigh my eyelids down, And steep my senses in forgetfulness?

William Shakespeare

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#15. You wear your honor like a suit of armor ... You think it keeps you safe, but all it does is weigh you down and make it hard for you to move.

George R R Martin

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#16. I can't imagine being a woman in the world of acting, like where you age starts to weigh you down - you go from being attractive to where they [directors] decided you're out ... I feel like with stand-up comedy, it doesn't matter if I've gotten fatter.

Jim Jefferies

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#17. It is not the cares of today, but the cares of tomorrow, that weigh a man down.

George MacDonald

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#18. I'd rather hang out with five people that I love than with 400 strangers at a club who are all doing the up-and-down inspection thing. They appraise everybody from head to toe - the outfit, the handbag, the shoes, how much they weigh ... I can't stand it!

Sophia Bush

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#19. Now my innocence begins to weigh me down.

Jean Racine

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#20. A man's allowed to make lots of small mistakes, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if the mistakes are big ones and they weigh him down, his only solution is to stop taking himself seriously. It's the only way to avoid suffering - suffering, prolonged, can be fatal.

Pedro Juan Gutierrez

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#21. Things don't weigh me down any more. I confront things, and I move on. I don't dwell on things; I don't let things simmer under the surface. I am where it starts and where it ends. I have the power in my life to be happy.

Ricki-Lee Coulter

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#22. Experience has taught me the power of trophies. You may have every knick-knack and useless contraption ever devised, but while they weigh you down, a simple trophy can go a long, long way.

Tahir Shah

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#23. Coyotes don't eat dachshunds," Johnson said. "Dachshunds were bred to go down badger tunnels and drag the badgers out by their ass. A good-sized dachshund could weigh thirty pounds and has jaws like a crocodile. Old Dixie would straight-out fuck up a coyote." "Didn't know that," Virgil said. -

John Sandford

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#24. Eighteen months ago I weighed 95kg and had a 40-inch waist. Now the waist is down to 34 inches and I weigh nearly 98kg.

Lee Westwood

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#25. We're bound by chains of love, but they don't weigh us down. Instead, they allow us to be bigger and better than we are.

Ann Aguirre

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#26. But I've never known what to do with people and the things I like, sometimes they weigh me down, ever since I was a girl.

Clarice Lispector

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#27. Life is not unfair. We just have to learn to let go of the things that weigh us down and move on from situations that we cannot control.

Trish Kaye Lleone

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#28. I pulled myself from his mind, day by day, piece by piece, memory by memory, until there was nothing of Ruby left to weigh him down or keep him bound to my side..

Alexandra Bracken

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#29. Unless we do something about the past, she thought, then it will weigh us down to such an extent that we simply cannot move. Is that what I want?

Alexander McCall Smith

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#30. Friends, I was pretty sure, lift their friends up; they don't weigh them down like a sack full of stones

Dana Reinhardt

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#31. After all, it's the things we hold against ourselves that weigh us down more than anything.

Kamal Ravikant

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#32. Satvajaya can decondition the mind so we can see things fresh, like with the eyes of a child. Satvajaya techniques rid us of negative emotions, thought patterns, and prejudices that may weigh us down like undigested food.

David Frawley

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#33. how does religion weigh us down?" "If you believe in an afterlife where you will live forever in paradise, why bother going to so much trouble to make a paradise here and live forever in it now? That's a lot of work for nothing.

Jasper T. Scott

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#34. I think that what I have been truly searching for as a person, as a writer, as a thinker, as a daughter, is freedom. That is my mission. A sense of liberty, the liberty that comes not only from self-awareness but also from letting go of many things. Many things that weigh us down.

Jhumpa Lahiri

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#35. Why can't a man stand alone? Must he be burdened by all that he's taught to consider his own? His skin and his station, his kin and his crown, his flag and his nation They just weigh him down

Elvis Costello

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#36. I keep my head in the clouds.
There's not enough love in the world to weigh me down.

Wesley Eisold

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#37. The burdens of childhood are as hard to bear as the crosses that weigh us down later in life, while the happinesses of childhood are tame compared with those of our maturer years.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

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#38. Everyones' worst problems weigh the same, and it's up to you how heavy that weight is and how much you let it drag you down.

S.A. Tawks

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#39. When I write my scripts, there's a point at which if I'm not starting to see them visually, I feel like I'm kind of cheating. So my scripts are laden with a lot of visual description, which makes them not so much fun to read - I kind of weigh them down.

Todd Haynes

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#40. Sometimes we have to put our foot down, ... but before we deliberately make children unhappy in order to get them to get into the car, or to do their homework or whatever, we need to weigh whether what we're doing to make it happen is worth the possible strain on our relationship with them.

Alfie Kohn

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#41. I think that with 'The Vampire Diaries,' you never know what's going to happen, and I don't think the characters necessarily know, either. So you can only weigh so much, and then it might just come down to 'kill or be killed.'

Kat Graham

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#42. Maybe they didn't choose locks because love is permanent. Maybe they chose locks because emotions bind us into place. They weigh us down.

Cora Carmack

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#43. Did you know that there is no exact rhyme in the Russian language for the word 'pravda'? Ponder and weigh this insufficiency in your mind. Doesn't that just echo down the canyons of your soul?

Julian Barnes

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#44. 20She seems very harsh to the uninstructed; a weakling will not remain with her. 21She will weigh him down like a heavy testing stone, and he will not be slow to cast her off. 22For wisdom is like her name, and is not manifest to many.


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#45. The things we do pile up on us, weigh us down. Or hold us in place, at very least.

James Sallis

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#46. Too many riddles weigh men down on earth. We must solve as we can, and try to keep a dry skin in the water.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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#47. The thought of this could sometimes weigh me down because I wanted so much to be someone. I wanted so much to be special.

Karl Ove Knausgard

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#48. I was filming 'The Avengers' when I got the call for 'Rush,' so I went from 215 pounds, which is how much I weigh when I'm playing Thor, down to about 185 pounds to be able to fit into the car. That was all in about four months.

Chris Hemsworth

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#49. I try to not get to the point where one is making wallpaper, or simply painting money. I want to make sure that I am at least trying to weigh myself down, that there's a challenge each time.

Martin Mull

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#50. Mozart's music is free of all exaggeration, of all sharp breaks and contradictions. The sun shines but does not blind, does not burn or consume. Heaven arches over the earth, but it does not weigh it down, it does not crush or devour it.

Karl Barth

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#51. To all the boys, for when you become men: you'll leave women all throughout your life because they're holding you back, and even after she's gone she'll still weigh you down. To all the women: stay away from us men. We don't know anything about you, despite what we try to convince you of.

Dave Matthes

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#52. There is nothing like a concrete life plan to weigh you down. Because if you always have one eye on some future goal, you stop paying attention the the job at hand, miss opportunities that might arise, and stay fixedly on one path, even when a better, newer course might have opened up.

Indra Nooyi

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#53. God doesn't want us carrying anything that is unnecessary because it will weigh us down and hinder what He has called us to do.

Stormie O'martian

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#54. We all have things, Bast. We carry them, they weigh us down and sometimes they suck us under. The goal is to know when to drop and when to reach for a hand.

HelenKay Dimon

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#55. I hope in my lifetime we can all continue to laugh at ourselves and not put down anyone for what they weigh.

Richard Simmons

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#56. Stop chasing things that are beneath the truth of who you are. Stop holding on to things and people that weigh you down. Stop behaving in ways that don't honor the divinity and nobility within you.

Iyanla Vanzant

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#57. For the air of youth,
Hopeful and cheerful, in thy blood will reign
A melancholy damp of cold and dry
To weigh thy spirits down, and last consume
The balm of life.

John Milton

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#58. It's hard to move on if you don't forgive," he said. "It's like trying to dance with a lead weight on your shoulders. The anger can weigh you down forever.

Diane Chamberlain

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#59. We weigh ourselves down with so many obstacles we can't even buy a goldfish bowl.

Barbara Sher

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#60. Not only are you what you eat, but you also can be what's eating you. Don't become your problems or let them overtake you.

Anthony Liccione

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#61. She thought, I need no cup. I am Chalice. I am filling with the grief and hurt and fear of my demesne; the shattered earthlines weigh me down; I am brimming with the needs of my people.

Robin McKinley

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#62. The burden of regret can weigh us down heavily on our spiritual journey. The best way to release regret is to forgive ourselves.

James Van Praagh

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#63. I feel restless, and something seems to weigh me down.

Henryk Sienkiewicz

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#64. I redeem time from neglect and apathy and inattentiveness when I swell with thanks and weigh the moment down and it's giving thanks to God for this moment that multiplies the moments, time made enough. I am thank-full. I am time-full.

Ann Voskamp

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#65. I must make a choice every time I speak a sentence in English. I try to choose the happier way of saying things, so that my own words will not weigh me down like stones.

Tad Williams

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#66. he'd felt the bonds between them change. No longer a tenuous tie, they'd solidified. He knew she was the one who could anchor him but not weigh him down.

Lorelei James

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#67. Negative feelings weigh you down and can keep you from experiencing healing, as surely as stones might weigh you down if you were trying to swim.

Susan Barbara Apollon

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#68. Circumstances that weigh you down and obstacles that block your path are God's way of building spiritual muscle. Shortcuts and escape routes won't build the stamina you'll need to complete the course.

Deb Brammer

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#69. Things said or done long years ago Or things I did not do or say But thought that I might say or do, Weigh me down, and not a day But something is recalled, My conscience or my vanity appalled.

William Butler Yeats

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#70. Discouraging words should not weigh you down instead they should challenge you

Sunday Adelaja

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#71. The waters of spirituality are forever changing and forever constant. Prejudice or fixed ideas can only weigh you down and remove you from the flow. - The Book of Metanoia (D. Williamsen)

Dannye Williamsen

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#72. I walk around at 150-152 pounds to weigh 147 pounds. Other boxers weigh around 160-170 before coming down.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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#73. My motto is water off a duck's back. Meaning: don't let negativity weigh you down, perpetuate positive thinking.

Jinkx Monsoon

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#74. The days pile up and weigh small decisions down, don't they? That decision not to visit. The first few days slide by easy enough; anger and youth power them along. But then they pile up like unrecycled trash.

Hugh Howey

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#75. You're light. Don't ever lose that. Don't let the world weigh you down like them.

Kandi Steiner

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#76. That's the paradox of loss: How can something that's gone weigh us down so much?

Jodi Picoult

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#77. If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.

Toni Morrison

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#78. The way you react in times of challenges will determine whether your challenges will weigh you down, or you will overthrow them.

Israelmore Ayivor

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