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#1. And I watch all the dailies and I grade the jokes or the moments, you know, on a scale from ... so I know exactly what we have. And so I can then go into the editing room and be like "I want you to do this moment, this moment, this joke, that joke. I'd like to see 3 versions."

Nicholas Stoller

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#2. The biggest trap that all performers and writers find is that when something really crazy, really bad happens, your mind immediately goes to, 'Can I write about this?' - which is good and bad.

Riki Lindhome

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#3. Happiness is the fragrance in the garden of love.

Debasish Mridha

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#4. I am very grateful to my colleagues for their support. There is a big job before us: to unite our party and the country, to negotiate the best possible deal as we leave the EU, and to make Britain work for everyone.

Theresa May

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#5. Authors will make far more on those ebooks through direct sales than publishers are offering. There is no incentive for authors to sell those rights to traditional publishers which means, in the fairly short term, publishers run out of material to sell.

Michael A. Stackpole

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#6. It's too bad I'm not a flirt. When I'm on the sets, I'm too busy working on my scenes to look at the ladies.

Randeep Hooda

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#7. But it's hard to feel bad for her, because as much as she's hurting, she doesn't know pain. She doesn't know it like I know it. I keep it alive. I keep it in business. I keep it thriving with as much as I experience it

Colleen Hoover

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#8. My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch.

Jack Nicholson

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#9. If the Church is not Making Disciples, then all the cathedrals, clergy, missions, sermons, even the Bible, are a waste of time.

C.S. Lewis

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#10. I don't suppose you cook?" Tucker inquired hopefully.
"Did you think because she can start fires she'd be great with a grill? Gator asked.

Christine Feehan

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#11. As never before, he understood the vitality of tradition, the dignity of the worship of what had existed before one's own self had come into being. There was no shame in awe; there was exaltation. ("Cafe Endless: Spring Rain")

Nancy Holder

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#12. As we used to say in the mountains, "Breathe. Breathe again. With every breath, you are alive." After all these years, this still the best advice I can give you: Savor your existence. Live every moment. Do not waste a breath.

Nando Parrado

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