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#1. Yet, no matter how deeply I go down into myself, my God is dark, and like a webbing made of a hundred roots that drink in silence. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#2. I tried to exploit such freedom to create those drawings like if I was a boy. I tried to draw with that freedom and that love that I remember from being a child and spending a day drawing without worrying about whether what I'm drawing is real or strange. - Author: Alex Abreu
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#3. The broken spine of the book shows the webbing of binder's string, and my fingers have worn white spots in the cover. - Author: Susan Straight
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#4. i am like the moon--
sometimes, full.
sometimes, black.

forever and ever alone. - Author: AVA.
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#5. I open my scuttle at night and see the far-sprinkled systems, All all I see multiplied as high as I can cipher edge but the rim of the farther systems. Wider and wider they spread, expanding, always expanding, Outward and outward and forever outward. - Author: Walt Whitman
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#6. Lithium prevents my seductive but disastrous highs, diminishes my depressions, clears out the wool and webbing from my disordered thinking, slows me down, gentles me out, keeps me from ruining my career and relationships, keeps me out of a hospital, alive, and makes psychotherapy possible. - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
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#7. There are ideas that exist in our minds that can be accounted for by no established laws - Author: Charles Brockden Brown
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#8. People take pictures of the Summer, just in case someone thought they had missed it, and to proved that it really existed. - Author: Ray Davies
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#9. I'm not greedy at all. Sometimes I pinch myself because of what I've got. - Author: Amy Childs
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#10. There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise. - Author: Gore Vidal
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#11. Maybe somewhere on the Nostromo there had been a similar scene, with Dallas hanging there, stuck in place like the victim in a massive spider's dense webbing. - Author: Tim Lebbon
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#12. 3. When making your dramatic exit, crawl along one of the web strands that extend outward from the center. Avoid the webbing that runs in concentric circles, as it's the stickiest.
4. Once you've escaped, say something snarky to the queen, like "Sorry I couldn't stick around. - Author: Andrew Shaffer
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#13. He tried to scrub children's vomit from the webbing of the Tongue in a way that suggested deep reservoirs of genius. - Author: Karen Russell
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#14. No, really, what do you like about me? she insisted.


I figure if I know, I can keep doing it to keep you as long as I can. - Author: Vivek Shraya
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#15. She turned and plunked herself down on the padded webbing. "He's a little awkward, a little tongue-tied around women, and a man that fit and good-looking without a girlfriend? - Author: Barbara Dunlop
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#16. I was asked to do TV ads for Macintosh. Nowadays, I think anybody would jump at that but, at the time, it didn't feel appropriate for what I was trying to stand for. - Author: DJ Shadow
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#17. San Francisco is a city that requires a fine pair of legs, a city of cliffs misnamed as hills, honeycombed with a fine webbing of showy houses that cling to the slanted streets with the fierceness of abalones. - Author: Pat Conroy
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#18. The summer of the gypsy moths when all the trees in their yard were bare, the leaves chewed by caterpillars. You could hear crunching in the night. You could see silvery cocoon webbing in porch rafter and strung across stop signs. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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