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#1. I'm kind of obsessed with food - I really am.

KaDee Strickland

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#2. In those hours he is awake and prowling through the building, he sometimes feels he is a demon who has disguised himself as a human, and only at night is it safe to shed the costume he must wear by daylight, and indulge his true nature.

Hanya Yanagihara

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#3. I want to eat your life

Lauren Groff

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#4. You are the only person who can label what you do a failure. Failure is subjective.

John C. Maxwell

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#5. He would talk about how important all music was. How it took us
not just the people who played it but the people who heard it
to a place above the normal boring world.

Jon Skovron

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#6. The deepest sorrow, he thought. Where the only way to survive is to excavate everything.

Michael Ondaatje

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#7. In documentary, which is the only thing I'm really very familiar with, women are very easily relegated into a producer role.

Liz W. Garcia

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#8. Many a green isle needs must be In the deep wide sea of Misery, Or the mariner, worn and wan, Never thus could voyage on.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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#9. Scientists are skeptics. It's unfortunate that the word 'skeptic' has taken on other connotations in the culture involving nihilism and cynicism. Really, in its pure and original meaning, it's just thoughtful inquiry.

Michael Shermer

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