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Top 9 War Chant Quotes

#1. Don't call me 'gentleman'. I work for a livin'. - Author: Tamora Pierce
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#2. You cannot teach a person something he does not already know, you can only bring what he does know to his awareness. - Author: Galileo Galilei
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#3. He bit his lip, struggling to make words out of the war waging itself in his chest.
"I don't know what this makes me," he managed at last.
Hook laughed, not unkindly. "It makes you whatever you want it to make you. - Author: Austin Chant
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#4. We walk by faith. We don't stay still, drowning in our misery. - Author: Jentezen Franklin
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#5. Most people have the blindness of new-born things - a not-incurable blindness, the sight being there but its use not known. - Author: Josephine Johnson
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#6. Things are rarely just crazy enough to work, but they're frequently just crazy enough to fail hilariously. - Author: Randall Munroe
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#7. I can't sing. Never been able to sing. I can't do voices very well. Every impression I do sounds the same. I can't dunk. Man, would I give anything to dunk. Just once. - Author: Jon Stewart
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#8. Mahlia knew the many voices of war from her father's chant. - Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
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#9. War wreaked on you his hideous ravishment;
We, we alone, Nereids inviolate,
Remain to weep, with the sea-birds to chant:
Corinth is lost, Corinth is desolate. - Author: Hilda Doolittle
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