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#1. The Wanderer
What is she like?
I was told
she is a
melancholy soul.
She is like
the sun to the night;
a momentary gold.
A star when dimmed
by dawning light;
the flicker of
a candle blown.
A lonely kite
lost in flight
someone once
had flown. - Author: Lang Leav
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#2. I don't settle down. I don't follow any path.
Because I am the wanderer and wandering is my destiny! - Author: Avijeet Das
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#3. Go to your rest rejoicing, for you are not a desolate wanderer but a beloved child, watched over, cared for, supplied, and defended by your Lord. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#4. What I prized most was freedom, freedom to do my work, to give myself spontaneously and not out of duty or by command. I could not submit to such demands; rather would I choose the path of a homeless wanderer; yes, even go without love. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#5. The only reason a road is good as every wanderer knows / Is just because of the homes, the homes, the homes to which one goes - Author: Joyce Kilmer
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#6. I still felt as a wanderer on the face of the earth,but i experienced firmer trust in myself and my own powers and less withering dread of oppression. The gaping wound of my wrongs, too, was now quite healed, and the flame of resentment extinguished - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#7. All this, and discontent too! Otherwise, why am I sitting here dreaming of England? Why am I gazing at this campfire like a lost should seeking a hope when all that I love is at my wingtips? Because I am curious. Because I am incorrigibly, now, a wanderer. - Author: Beryl Markham
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#8. We live and work in a world that carries preoccupations about money, but what does the soul care about such things? - Author: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
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#9. A wise traveler reaches his goal and rests," he continues. "The wanderer never reaches it, but with great lethargy of mind forever directs his hungry eyes before him. - Author: Rod Dreher
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#10. The Wanderer then leaves behind the spiritual seeker, with all the accumulated knowledge and lofty spiritual experience, and takes the first step on the Journey. - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#11. The original ancient Greek meaning of the word planet was simply wanderer, - Author: Mike Brown
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#12. I truly love you, Ian. With my whole soul, I love you." - Wanda
"I truly love you, too, my Wanderer." - Ian O' Shea - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#13. It is to be recognized that the negative emotions and the guilt that comes with it is not a part of the Consciousness, it only belongs to the mind! - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#14. And how exactly did you come by that murderous little item?
Ringil reached up and touched the pommel of the Ravensfriend, where it rose at his shoulder. 'It was forged for me at An-Monal by Grashgal the Wanderer.'
Yes - actually I was talking to the sword. - Author: Richard Morgan
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#15. I, the soul called Wanderer, love you, human Ian. And that will never change, no matter what I might become. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#16. Melanie: well, tell him
wanda: what will happen then?
melanie: you know what will happen. kyle broke the rules. jeb will shoot him, or they'll kick him ou. meybe ian will beat the snot out of him first.that would be fun to watch. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#17. Closing the last chapter of our personal history and taking the first step on the Journey will come with the recognition of the futility of spiritual seeking. - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#18. Whenever there is love beyond boundaries ...
Whenever trust flows deeper than oceans ...
Nevertheless, a Trial is born ...
You pass that trial, sacred you shall be ... if you don't, your are immortal !!!! - Author: M.W.Latif
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#19. For dismissed by You from Paradise, and having taken my journey into a far country, I cannot by myself return, unless Thou meetest the wanderer: for my return has throughout the whole tract of this world's time waited for Your mercy. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
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#20. So I became the wanderer and wandering became my destiny! - Author: Avijeet Das
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#21. If tonight is my last, I would run towards the sea, wildly swim the tides, the jump up the hills, flounder the cliffs and take all big strides, for I am a wanderer, awed by nature's charm who would love to breathe his last in its embracing arms. - Author: Arvind Parashar
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#22. Alexander the Great slept with
'The Iliad' beneath his pillow.
Though I've never led an army,
I am a wanderer. I cradle
'The Odyssey' nights while the
moon is waning, as if it were
the sweet body of a woman. - Author: Roman Payne
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#23. The saints, too, had wandering minds. The saints, too, had constantly to recall their constantly wandering mind-child home. They became saints because they continued to go after the little wanderer, like the Good Shepherd. - Author: Peter Kreeft
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#24. It is only those who do not know who wander the paths. A blind eye and a stout heart create a true wanderer. Those who seek the paths do so in vain; only those who can see deep might hope to wander. - Author: Mary-Jean Harris
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#25. He kept wandering all his life until the day he met her. For the first time, he felt he should stop and never look back again. Everything else seemed worthless. Such was her magic. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#26. On our Journey, we should not dwell on the guilt emerging because of dropping back to Ego-dominated state; instead, we should celebrate that we are in the state of the Presence! - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#27. Those that Hobgoblin call you and sweet Puck,
You do their work, and they shall have good luck:
Are not you he?'
'Thou speak'st aright;
I am that merry wanderer of the night. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#28. I fear it, for her sake. It would mean that she too is a wanderer now, and that is a fate for human beings, not for unicorns. But I hope, of course I hope. - Author: Peter S. Beagle
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#29. The All is everywhere, and anywhere may become the seat of power. Any blade of grass may assume, in myth, the figure of the savior and conduct the questing wanderer into the sanctum sanctorum of his own heart. - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#30. The truant Fancy was a wanderer ever. - Author: Charles Lamb
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#31. I am not times fool, nor a god hardened by the millennia; I am not the trickster in the black cape nor the sorrowful wanderer. I have a conscience. I know right from wrong I know what I do and yes, I do it. I am the Vampire Lestat. That's your answer do with it as you will. - Author: Anne Rice
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#32. I am a dream-wanderer, travelling the universal dream! - Author: Osman Turkay
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#33. For as the Good is only a single thing, so all ways lead to the Good, even the false ones: when the repentant one follows the same way back. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#34. For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a wanderer over the face of the earth has been removed ... - Author: Abba Hillel Silver
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#35. Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story
of that man skilled in all ways of contending,
the wanderer, harried for years on end - Author: Homer
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#36. Perfection is, however, not to be sought in the future, as we are fully capable of experiencing it here and now, if we abandon ourselves into the present moment and allow the pleasure of Existence take us with it. - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#37. Thou waitest for the spark from heaven! and we, Light half-believers in our casual deeds ... Who hesitate and falter life away, And lose tomorrow the ground won today- Ah, do not we, Wanderer, await it too? - Author: Matthew Arnold
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#38. Without a home must the soldier go, a changeful wanderer, and can warm himself at no home-lit hearth. - Author: Friedrich Schiller
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#39. I am a worried person with a stressed out soul, living a simple life with no capital. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
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#40. Our pride is not in fighting but in farming; In the work of our, hands not our blades. Never have we sought war. We come to the Banner of the white pig because it is the banner of our friend, Terran Wanderer. - Author: Lloyd Alexander
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#41. There's something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I'm born to leave. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
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#42. Definition Of A Wanderer: A guy who's always looking beyond - Author: Stephen King
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#43. I am thankful once again to strip off an old life, as I so often have during these years. I look back upon a soldier, a murderer, a man almost murdered, a man resurrected, a prisoner, a wanderer. - Author: Joseph Roth
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#44. The forest is a pillow for a wanderer. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#45. Traditional photojournalists arrive with an idea of what they are going to produce or what the editor wants. I approach a subject very much as a street photographer and a wanderer, without preconceptions. I try to leave it extremely intuitive and exploratory. - Author: Alex Webb
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#46. I shall remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace. - Author: Peace Pilgrim
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#47. The journey towards oneness emphasizes the opposites and we are caught in their conflict. - Author: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
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#48. He who has attained intellectual emancipation to any extent cannot, for a long time, regard himself otherwise than as a wanderer on the face of the earth and not even as a traveller towards a final goal, for there is no such thing. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#49. This is the ordinariness of the Present, without anything special, mystic or mysterious, it simply exists!! One should live through one's life from moment to moment, and allow things happen the way they want to happen. Abandon yourself into the Present! Be consciously present in every moment! - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#50. Makes sense," Cal said. "A bike needs to be taken care of just like a woman. Treat her right and she'll bring you happiness you never knew existed. Lock her away and she'll make you suffer a worse fate than hell. - Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
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#51. A wanderer's repose or a sinner's reformation should never depend on a fellow-creature. Men and women die; philosophers falter in wisdom, and Christians in goodness: if any one you know has suffered and erred, let him look higher than his equals for strength to amend and solace to heal. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#52. An exile, ill in heart and frame,
A wanderer, weary of the way;
A stranger, without love's sweet claim
On any heart, go where I may! - Author: Frances Sargent Osgood
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#53. Not even for an hour can you bear to be alone, nor can you advantageously apply your leisure time, but you endeavor, a fugitive and wanderer, to escape from yourself, now vainly seeking to banish remorse by wine, and now by sleep; but the gloomy companion presses on you, and pursues you as you fly. - Author: Horace
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#54. O Innocence, with laughing eyes! Thou art a cherub from the skies, A wanderer from heaven. - Author: Harvey Rice
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#55. I'll never stop wandering. And when the time comes to die, I'll find the wildest, loneliest, most desolate spot there is. - Author: Everett Ruess
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#56. He is warrior, he is poet, he is mad. He is Odin, the Wanderer. - Author: F.T. McKinstry
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#57. A wanderer is man from his birth. He was born in a ship On the breast of the river of Time. - Author: Matthew Arnold
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#58. You must make the Journey along the road, nobody is able to do it for you! - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#59. The folly and the glory of the world ... the wild, the wise and the wicked ... the hero, the madman, the wanderer and the fool ... the earth, the seas, the wild heavens ... are all part of an endless, unfolding tapestry, woven by time and hemmed by memory. - Author: Brian Holguin
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#60. I couldn't take my eyes off him. Like a desert wanderer afraid of mirages, I gazed at my oasis, but he was real. - Author: Laura Whitcomb
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#61. So when your hopes on fire,
But you know your desire,
Don't hold a glass over the flame,
Don't let your heart grow cold,
I will call you by name,
I will share your road. - Author: Mumford & Sons
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#62. Come, come, whoever you are,
wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving,
it doesn't matter.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, even if you have broken your vow a hundred times.
Come, come again, come. - Author: Rumi
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#63. In the course of our Journey we need to realize that we do not need to become anything, because we are already in possession of the characteristics that we have been looking for so far, pursuing an image projected into the future. - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#64. Love, unconquerable, Waster of rich men, keeper Of warm lights and all-night vigil In the soft face of a girl: Sea-wanderer, forest-visitor! Even the pure immortals cannot escape you, And mortal man, in his one day's dusk, Trembles before your glory. - Author: Sophocles
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#65. Wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking. - Author: Martha Barron Barrett
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#66. Vast is the power of cities to reclaim the wanderer. - Author: Sinclair Lewis
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#67. Ian squeezed my hand and leaned in to whisper through all the hair. His voice was so low that I was the only one who could hear. 'I held you in my hand, Wanderer. And you were so beautiful. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#68. Arise and pour pure wine into my cup,
Pour moon beams into the dark night of my
That I may lead home the wanderer
And imbue the idle looker-on with restless
And advance hotly on a new quest
And become known as the champion of a new
spirit - Author: Muhammad Iqbal
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#69. She was a free bird: queen of the world and laughing. - Author: Roman Payne
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#70. We are only able to get into the possession of Wisdom and get closer to Truth when and if we realize that all the knowledge and experience concentrated in the mind only hamper us in our awakening to Truth. - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#71. And you must not worry about me. You must follow your dreams. You have your life ahead of you. I am just a wanderer passing by. - Author: Avijeet Das
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#72. Just as a painter paints,
and a ponderer ponders,
a writer writes,
and a wanderer wanders. - Author: Roman Payne
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#73. Whenever you go on a trip to visit foreign lands or distant places, remember that they are all someone's home and backyard. - Author: Vera Nazarian
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#74. Children are touched by heaven - their every breath, every laugh, every touch a sip of water to the desert wanderer. I could not have known this as a child, but I know it as a mother, a truth I learned as my own heart grew, bent, danced, and broke for each of my children - Author: Nadia Hashimi
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#75. I suppose that every wanderer started in a garden somewhere. So few of us are born into motion. - Author: Candas Jane Dorsey
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#76. Modern man is a hard driven nomad without any stability, not (as the Bible has it) a wanderer or a pilgrim, but a refugee-an escapist. Instead of meditation and reflection there is only speed, fear and distraction. - Author: Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
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#77. Two is company, four is a party, three is a crowd. One is a wanderer. - Author: James Thurber
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#78. Definition of a wanderer, Eddie thought, a guy who's always looking beyond. - Author: Stephen King
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#79. I am a wanderer passionately in love with life. - Author: Aleksandr Kuprin
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#80. Oh, Star of Hope, that shines to
bless The Wanderer through
Life's Wilderness!
Angels of Love - say "Are ye
come to lead the Weary
Wanderer home? - Author: Franchezzo
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#81. At his most characteristic, medieval man was not a dreamer nor a wanderer. He was an organiser, a codifier, a builder of systems. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Wanderer Quotes #412787
#82. You can call me an angry ghost when I'm gone, or laugh into my disposition. But my mom will still see me as her wide-eyed wanderer out behind the garage inventing ways to fend off dog attacks that will probably never happen. - Author: Buddy Wakefield
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#83. Because the road is rough and long,
Shall we despise the skylark's song,
That cheers the wanderer's way?
Or trample down, with reckless feet,
The smiling flowerets, bright and sweet,
Because they soon decay? - Author: Anne Bronte
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#84. There's something in your eyes that scares me,"
Max whispired, looking through the window.
Landon took her face into his hand and made her look into his eyes "What?" he asked. "What do you see?"
"Fear," she answered plainly. "I see fear - Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
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#85. I felt I wrote my views of my experience with mere encouragement I got in Earth, I researched like a wanderer did, with songs of my creation ever had in me and I would be pleased to give away my knowledge to mankind like my ashes I diffuse with my society. - Author: Nithin Purple
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#86. Only one is a wanderer.
And when she was sad, she'd go into the streets to be with people. - Author: Ralph Angel
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#87. Now that I am past picking the knife to stab one, the reward of stabbing a few more comes at an unfairly lower risk! - Author: Pawan Mishra
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#88. First we have to understand that we are not the mind! We are identical with neither its bright, nor its dark side! - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
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#89. Linear's defeated form
The intangible reality rise.' ~ Wanderer - Author: Stella Coulson
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#90. What a funny old world,
Thinking they could cage her,
& make her fear her future;
Apprently they didn't know her well enough,
The cage, gave her wings to fly. - Author: Nikki Rowe
Wanderer Quotes #327639
#91. I can't change the world, I can only change how I choose to live in it. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
Wanderer Quotes #319079
#92. When you really want to find the answers to the great questions of your life, you need to look for them deep in yourself. - Author: Frank M. Wanderer
Wanderer Quotes #310121
#93. There was a lust of wandering in his feet that burned to set out for the ends of the earth. On! On! his heart seemed to cry. Evening would deepen above the sea, night fall upon the plains, dawn glimmer before the wanderer and show him strange fields and hills and faces. Where? - Author: James Joyce
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#94. The call of the horizon finds quick response in the heart of every wanderer. - Author: Louis L'Amour
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#95. I have been a wanderer among distant fields. I have sailed down mighty rivers. - Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
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#96. I am listless, I am a wanderer in my heart.
In the sunny haze of the languid hours, what vast vision of thine takes shape in the blue of the sky! - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#97. I'm an inveterate bookstore wanderer. I read constantly, so I love a good bookstore. I can't help it. - Author: David Crosby
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#98. Mother Nature is always speaking. She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer. Leopards, cobras, monkeys, rivers and trees; they all served as my teachers when I lived as a wanderer in the Himalayan foothills. - Author: Radhanath Swami
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#99. I've traveled this road for many decades and I still don't know how to go. I am a wanderer, traversing mountains of time. There is no fault, only fault lines that tremor and quake, barring me, no warning. Aftershocks. -Broken Places - Author: Rachel Thompson
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#100. Good luck, little Wanderer, good luck. How I wish you didn't need it. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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