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#1. What distinguishes the language of science from language as we ordinarily understand the word? ... What science strives for is an utmost acuteness and clarity of concepts as regards their mutual relation and their correspondence to sensory data. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#2. Sacrifice is the very essence of religion; ... Without sacrifice there is no true worship of God. - Author: Gordon B. Hinckley
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#3. While we're working, we must be conscious of what we're doing. - Author: Henri Cartier-Bresson
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#4. With a starry brush, paint the dusk Venetian blue - Author: Owl City
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#5. Contentment comes not so much from great wealth as from few wants. - Author: Epictetus
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#6. Jaime had never realised that trees made a sound when they grew, and no-one else had realised it either, because the sound is made over hundreds of years in waves of twenty-four hours from peak to peak. Speed it up, and the sound a tree makes is vrooom. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#7. I feel like I'm already a winner. I've made so many dreams come true. I'm here. Whether you walk away with a statue [ Emmy]or not, you shouldn't make it about it that necessarily. Everyone who's here in this house tonight is a winner. - Author: Taraji P. Henson
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#8. I think sometimes when our childhoods are difficult, we forget that there's also a lot of joy. - Author: Brad Goreski
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#9. That's my goal, to feel like I've done the best I could. When I've done that, anything else that happens is a bonus. - Author: Scott Rudin
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#10. There is no joy in possession without sharing. - Author: Desiderius Erasmus
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#11. The great lesson is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one's daily life, in one's neighbors, friends, and family, in one's backyard. - Author: Abraham H. Maslow
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#12. Simultaneously with the establishment of the Constitution, Virginia ceded to the United States her domain, which then extended to the Mississippi, and was even claimed to extend to the Pacific Ocean. - Author: William H. Seward
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#13. It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and the hungry-looking ... - Author: Gaius Iulius Caesar
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#14. These two entities - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - are not facing any kind of financial crisis, - Author: Barney Frank
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