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#1. Shakespeare had it wrong. Hell might know no fury like a woman scorned, but it really didn't know any fury like a woman manipulated.

Betsy St. Amant

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#2. I would say, people use labels all the time, but I'm kind of a traditional Catholic: Personally, I'm opposed to abortion, and personally, I'm opposed to the death penalty.

Tim Kaine

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#3. Western civilization is based upon the libertarian principle, and all its achievements are the results of the action of free men.

Ludwig Von Mises

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#4. A Czech could either work for the Germans, or work for the Germans.

Mariusz Szczygiel

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#5. Nuclear weapons are to be worried about only when they're in the hands of Ronald Reagan - not so much when they're in the hands of a Third World anti-imperialist like Saddam Hussein. Can't you see?

Jay Nordlinger

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#6. One good turn asketh another.

John Heywood

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