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#1. He called the feeling between us "weird," and I had nothing to add. I kissed the backs of his legs and they sang. He reached around and pulled me down onto his back and I lay there, like on the warm sand of a beach. Just that. That is all there is. That is the whole point of everything.

Miranda July

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#2. Adolescence involves our nutty-desperate-ecstatic-rash psychological efforts to come to terms with new bodies and outrageous urges.

Judith Viorst

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#3. General propositions do not decide concrete cases. The decision will depend on a judgment or intuition more subtle than any articulate major premise.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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#4. The cable operators are paying to show content. The most important content you have is the broadcast stations. They take the position that over the air is free to people, so it should be free to them.

Bill Vaughan

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#5. Memories which fastened him to places his flesh had never known presented him with answers to questions he had not asked.

Frank Herbert

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#6. The crisis of community has its source in the corruption of character.

Wendell Berry

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#7. Music is composed on computers and other electronic equipment; producers don't want to spend money on orchestra.


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#8. Even through you and I are in different boats, you in your boat and we our canoe, we share the same river of life. What befalls me befalls you. And downstream, downstream in this river of life, our children will pay for our selfishness, for our greed, and for our lack of vision.

Oren Lyons

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#9. America's business problem is that it is entering the twenty-first century with companies designed during the nineteenth century to work well in the twentieth.

Michael Martin Hammer

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#10. We can start working with time, if you wish, till you can fly the past and the future. And then you will be ready to begin the most difficult, the most powerful, the most fun of all. You will be ready to BEGIN to fly up and know the meaning of kindness and of love

Richard Bach

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#11. Really? I thought the transfers will go through Four's landscape," says Uriah.
"Like he would let anyone do that," she says, snorting.
Something inside me gets warm and soft. He let me go through it.

Veronica Roth

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