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#1. The disappointed one speaks. I searched for great human beings; I always found only the apes of their ideals.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#2. Her [ Onata April] great talent as an actress is that she has the ability to understand and listen to the scenario and what the story is, and then she can pretend and live that.

David A. Siegel

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#3. As writers, we only aim to please. Or we aimed to please as children, which is why we became writers.

Maurissa Tancharoen

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#4. I'm the guy who happened to be home the night Kat came to steal a Monet.- Hale

Ally Carter

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#5. America is so rich and fat, because it has eaten the tragedy of millions of immigrants.

Michael Gold

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#6. I live in a rural part of Virginia surrounded by farms and farmers.

Barbara Kingsolver

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#7. Television has given Pakistan a truly open national forum for the first time in its history. Ideas are debated, leaders are assessed and criticised, and a nation of 170 million people is finally discovering, together, what it thinks.

Mohsin Hamid

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#8. It occurs to me that Jude does this too, changes who she is depending on who she's with. They're like toads changing their skin color. How come I'm always just me?

Jandy Nelson

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#9. I purchased excellent and beautiful horses, visited all such neighbors as I found in congenial spirits, and was as happy as happy could be.

John James Audubon

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#10. I don't understand anything about the ballet; all I know is that during the intervals the ballerinas stink like horses.

Anton Chekhov

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#11. I have a little boy, and I wanted to spend a lot of time with him.

Kate Bush

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#12. Life is alphabet soup, Elizabeth. Eat that soup." ***

Penny Reid

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