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#1. Our sense of safety depends on predictability, so anything living outside the usual rules we suspect to be an outlaw, a ghoul. - Author: Diane Ackerman
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#2. I truly love Australia; I miss Aussie kids and their attitude! - Author: Nicole Trunfio
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#3. Romcoms are hard in a lot of ways: they're built to be buoyant. It's easy to demean them. - Author: Matthew McConaughey
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#4. When I think about privacy on social media sites, there's kind of the usual suspect problems, which doesn't make them any less important or severe; it's just we kind of know their shape, and we kind of know how we're going to solve them. - Author: Jonathan Zittrain
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#5. Remind thyself that he whom thou lovest is mortal - that what
thou lovest is not thine own; it is given thee for the present, not
irrevocably nor for ever, but even as a fig or a bunch of grapes at
the appointed season of the year - Author: Epictetus
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#6. One day you will arrive at a station on the train of existence that you've always known has been there. You'll find there will be no train in sight, with no sense of arrival. There is only a perpetual arrival, a timeless condition of infinite awareness. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#7. If you can sell yourself as someone who knows how Washington works, someone who has these relationships, that's a very marketable commodity. If you're seen as someone who knows how this town works, someone who is a usual suspect in this town, you can dine out for years - that's why no one leaves. - Author: Mark Leibovich
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#8. We've determined that Ms. Hauptman is a potential threat to the public safety, and we are bringing her in as a murder suspect who has supernatural powers that make her too dangerous to be incarcerated in the usual ways. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#9. To me, crying is not a sign of weakness. She wants it that bad and she puts her whole heart into it. She had really high expectations, and that's why she's so good. She just had a bad game. - Author: Kerri Walsh
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