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#1. I grew intoxicated with my own eloquence. - Author: Benjamin Disraeli
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#2. Following 'Urumi,' I did get a lot of offers from Malayalam, but frankly, managing films in several industries can become a little hectic. So I decided not to take them up. - Author: Genelia D'Souza
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#3. Even a family needs to work as a team. - Author: Marques Houston
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#4. I do not give money for just mere hopes. - Author: Terence
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#5. Please find me a one-armed economist so we will not always hear, "On the other hand ... " - Author: Herbert Hoover
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#6. He called her a MILF, which must be offensive because Miss Castle called him a thug and sent hit out of the room. Gabe, what is a MILF?- Bethany - Author: Alexandra Adornetto
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#7. Six years is plenty long enough to soothe the tearing anguish of...death, but maybe no amount of time is enough to soothe something that is no longer there. Something like an emptiness that can never be filled because it's only a bit of space carved out of air. - Author: Bette Greene
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#8. Those we hold dear leave a part of themselves with us when they return to their eternal Home. As they move on to partake of the one Great Love that unites us all, the love they leave with us as they depart remains forever in our hearts. - Author: Joyce Hutchison
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#9. I think it quite likely that we are the only civilization within several hundred light years; otherwise we would have heard radio waves. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#10. We are getting an education of a lifetime. We're actually out there in the real world. - Author: Solange Knowles
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#11. I love when me and my friends don't know how to make something - there's that risk of failure, which should be there. If it's guaranteed not to fail, it's something you already know how to do. - Author: Spike Jonze
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#12. No doubt, my role in 'Urumi' has been one of my best so far. It surprised me as an actor and made me more confident. - Author: Genelia D'Souza
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#13. Never let a day be your control factor - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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