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Top 19 Urgent Call Quotes

#1. If we're going to be fucked, Colonel, I prefer to get fucked on my feet instead of on my knees. - Author: John Scalzi
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#2. No purchase is so urgent, no bargain so rare, that you don't have time to research it thoroughly, despite what they might have you believe. This applies, in particular, to infomercials that urge you to 'Call now, while supplies last,' or 'Call in the next 10 minutes for a free gift.' - Author: Jean Chatzky
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#3. In truth, though, she could not bear the idea of having a phone on her all the time, wherever she went. Could not be at ease knowing she might get an urgent call from Christmasland, some dead kid on the line: Hey, Ms. McQueen, did you miss us?!? - Author: Joe Hill
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#4. Stillness is easy to maintain. - Author: Laozi
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#5. I want my photos to be fresh and urgent. A good photograph should be a call to arms. - Author: Terry Richardson
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#6. If I wrote a book about England I should call it What About Wednesday Week? which is what English people say when they are making what they believe to be an urgent appointment. - Author: Claud Cockburn
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#7. As all error is meanness, it is incumbent on every man who consults his own dignity, to retract it as soon as he discovers it. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#8. We are urgent about the body; He is about the soul. We call for present comforts; He considers our everlasting rest. And therefore when He sends not the very things we ask, He hears us by sending greater than we can ask or think. - Author: Richard Cecil
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#9. America's downgrade may serve as a wakeup call for its policymakers. It is an unambiguous and loud signal of the country's eroding economic strength and global standing. It renders urgent the need to regain the initiative through better economic policymaking and more coherent governance. - Author: Mohamed El-Erian
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#10. Your brand will be called on upon when it's needed. When it's not needed at the moment, keep it safely till it's call comes. Some brands shine occasionally! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#11. When a cycle in your life repeats, you should troubleshot where the glitch is. Find the glitch and you will find your purposed journey. - Author: Tanya R. Liverman
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#12. I make a forceful and urgent call to the entire Catholic Church, and also to every Christian of other confessions, as well as to followers of every religion and to those brothers and sisters who do not believe: peace is a good which overcomes every barrier, because it belongs to all of humanity! - Author: Pope Francis
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#13. I believe there are more urgent and honorable occupations than the incomparable waste of time we call suffering. - Author: Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
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#14. Stahr's eyes and Kathleen's met and tangled. For an instant they made love as no one ever dares to do after. Their glance was slower than an embrace, more urgent than a call. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#15. These facts make the creator of music a being like the gods, and make music itself the supreme mystery of human knowledge. - Author: Claude Levi-Strauss
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#16. If your work is deathwork, one weapon is not enough, just as a plumber would not answer an urgent service call with a single wrench. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#17. I learn more from creative people in other disciplines than I do even from other architects because I think they have a way of looking at the world that is really important, - Author: Tom Kundig
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#18. Young people never do have a clue. There are some young people that do, but they've always been the exception. They always all grow up at some point. The problem is that they're all being indoctrinated by stupid leftists. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#19. I think that men know how to romance a woman and most do it well, at least for a time, otherwise women wouldn't marry them. The problem is that most of them begin to rest on their laurels. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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