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Top 10 Unsorted Quotes

#1. I think we've all been misled, at moments in our lives, certainly in school situations, and things like that, with getting with the wrong group briefly, or falling in with someone who we learn the truth about and no longer want to really be with. - Author: John Hawkes
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#2. One time this guy on the street wanted me to give him a medical opinion, because I'm a doctor on TV. I'm also a real doctor. But I'm also Zack Braff, so I kicked him in the groin. - Author: Zach Braff
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#3. All I do know is that as we age the weight of our unsorted baggage becomes heavier...much heavier. With each passing year, the price of our refusing to do that sorting rises higher and higher. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#4. Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin upset in a high wind. - Author: William Golding
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#5. To wit, existence is communication and communication is existence. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#6. Don't be who you needed to be over there. Come home to the people who love you. I wish to hell I'd figured out a way to do that. - Author: Kristin Hannah
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#7. The worst enemies of success are fear and doubt. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#8. A mouse who fails to get the cheese tries again without kicking herself for being an idiot. - Author: Loretta Graziano Breuning
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#9. And for an apple damn'd mankind. - Author: Thomas Otway
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#10. I'd rather be a failure at something I enjoy than a success at something I hate. - Author: George Burns
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