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Top 13 Unsettlingly Quotes

#1. What women hate is when you turn cold to them. If you treat them like queens, they'll let you have a concubine or two outside the palace. - Author: Anne Rice
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#2. It's just that no one wants to be the one being rescued, we all want to do the rescuing. - Author: Steven Brust
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#3. The Universe, as has been observed before, is an unsettlingly big place, a fact which for the sake of a quiet life most people tend to ignore. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#4. The treasures in my house are books. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#5. More than any other major sport, professional or amateur, college football games are decided by the physical incompetence and downright chokery of their players. - Author: Stephen Rodrick
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#6. But even we, with our supposed mastery of the English language, were not immune to the shortcoming of our vocabularies.
Words can only help you if you speak them. - Author: Bianca Phipps
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#7. While short sellers probably will never be popular on Wall Street, they often are the ones wearing the white hats when it comes to looking for and identifying the bad guys! - Author: James Chanos
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#8. I was always an avid reader of books. My vocabulary, my English are all thanks to that reading habit. Reading keeps me grounded. I came from a very middle class family - poor, in fact. - Author: Madhur Bhandarkar
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#9. This is New York, a combat zone, and everyone has to have an angle or they're not allowed over the bridges or through the tunnels. Let them have their angles, it's what they live for. You've got better things to worry about, like making sure the people that actually matter don't try any funny stuff. - Author: Cynthia Heimel
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#10. The Universe is an unsettlingly big place, a fact which for the sake of a quiet life most people tend to ignore. Many would happily move to somewhere rather smaller of their own devising, and this is what most beings in fact do. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#11. I've been campaigning like anything for restoring these changes. For 27 years. I wrote a book about it, well, a portion of the book was devoted to these scenes and why they should have been in the movie. - Author: William Peter Blatty
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#12. Matheus thought he ranked fairly high on the scowling index, but looking at Zeb made him realize how much more he had to learn. Whole volumes of misanthropy were written into the eyebrows alone. - Author: Amy Fecteau
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#13. Like rollover minutes? - Author: Jennifer DeLucy
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