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Top 10 Unsatiated Quotes

#1. Teach a child good manners during babyhood. - Author: Nachman Of Breslov
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#2. Sometimes, you have to be your own hero. - Author: Mirage
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#3. If the US economic landing is soft there will be no consequences (for Europe). - Author: Laurent Fabius
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#4. The private sector is ill suited to taking on most of these large infrastructure investments: if the services are to be accessible, which they must be in order to be effective, the profit margins that attract private players simply aren't there. - Author: Naomi Klein
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#5. It is only your habitual late riser who takes in the full flavor of Nature at those rare intervals when he gets up to go afishing. He brings virginal emotions and unsatiated eyes to the sparkling freshness of earth and stream and sky. - Author: Thomas Bailey Aldrich
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#6. Thats the thing about memories, they can make you sad, even if they are good memories. You like thinking back to them; they're the greatest treasure we have, and yetis always makes you a little sad because something has irreversibly passed. - Author: Nicolas Barreau
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#7. To her he would surrender the remnants of himself at the first trumpet blast of destiny. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#8. But then I quite enjoy when something goes wrong, because when I watch DJs that take it very seriously, it's nice when you make a mistake and laugh about it. - Author: Peter Hook
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#9. when fate gives us lemons, we should try to make lemonade, not apple juice. - Author: Noah J. Goldstein
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#10. The struggle of the mind to keep itself free from every sort of
to remain curious, open, unsatiated in all its
relations with nature
is tenfold more difficult than the
cultivation of a stable, satisfying point of view, but a
thousandfold more precious. - Author: Gardner Murphy
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