Top 13 Unsaid Unheard Quotes

#1. I am not in competition with my peers; I am in competition with myself.

Don Dokken

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#2. I admire pop songs that are perfect at three minutes.

David Ives

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#3. But the joy of life is a very good thing, and while work is the essential in it, play also has its place.

Theodore Roosevelt

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#4. I stand on my public record as a defender of the human rights of Muslims, notably my work for Moazzam Begg and other British Muslims detained without trial in Guantanamo Bay.

Hari Kunzru

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#5. [Con] men have long known ... that their job is not to convince skeptics but to enable the gullible to continue to believe what they want to believe.

Thomas Sowell

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#6. Conflict is easy because we've all had conflict, but to really bond with someone and to have a genuine connection, it needs to come from a place by knowing them.

Melonie Diaz

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#7. I never liked to work, I mean manual work.

P.T. Barnum

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#8. Being unkillable, so long as one had some healing power stored up, could do strange things to a person's sense of self-preservation. Of course, Wayne had probably been drunk at the time. That also tended to do strange things to a person's sense of self-preservation

Brandon Sanderson

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#9. The top 10 verbs in the English language are all irregular, even though irregular verbs make up only 3 per cent of the language.

Erez Lieberman Aiden

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#10. It never gets easier, missing you. And sometimes I wonder if it ever will.

Heather Brewer

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#11. That hope never left us, and it sustained us in the years to come, despite the fact that we had no good reason to expect our situation to improve.

Thomas Buergenthal

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#12. I give everyone upmost respect, and when people feel that, you end up getting the most out of your interaction with them. That connectivity is really important in my life.

Adam Rodriguez

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#13. A spoken story is larger than one unheard, unsaid. In nearly all creation accounts, words or songs are how the world was created, the animals sung into existence.

Linda Hogan

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