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Top 10 Unintelligibly Quotes

#1. Are there glass shards in my anus? - Author: Dane Cook
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#2. Some women are born to be married, some achieve marriage, and others have marriage thrust upon them. - Author: Myrtle Reed
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#3. I have been thinking a lot about what we see in villains, how we relate to villains, and what it is about certain villains that we actually empathize with. Like Macbeth. We're not supposed to like a guy who kills the king and takes over, but there's something about him we're really fascinated by. - Author: Finn Wittrock
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#4. He who confuses political liberty with freedom and political equality with similarity has never thought for five minutes about either. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#5. I am overflowing with words I do not have. - Author: Adam Falkner
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#6. Life rarely presents fully finished photographs. An image evolves, often from a single strand of visual interest - a distant horizon, a moment of light, a held expression. - Author: Sam Abell
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#7. Maybe he just looks good compared to the bores he's running against. - Author: Ed Koch
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#8. Deep down, no one really believes they have a right to live. But this death sentence generally stays cosily tucked away, hidden beneath the difficulty of living. If that difficulty is removed from time to time, death is suddenly there, unintelligibly. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
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#9. Concepts differentiate architecture from mere building ... A bicycle shed with a concept is architecture; a cathedral without one is just a building. - Author: Bernard Tschumi
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#10. Like all religions, Reason presents itself as the solution to the problems it has created - Author: John Ralston Saul
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