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#1. Smart development builds on a region's own skills, resources and local businesses. Dumb growth invites a big corporation in, surrenders control and profits to a distant headquarters, undercuts local manufacturers, and risks layoffs without warning. - Author: Donella Meadows
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#2. If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking. - Author: Elizabeth George
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#3. Art is not a treasure in the past or an importation from another land, but part of the present life of all living and creating peoples. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
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#4. We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box. - Author: Robert Fulghum
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#5. I love Billy Wilder, and I love the way that his films can be very touching and very moving and very romantic, and at the same time there's always a little cynical undertone, there's always something that undercuts things. - Author: David Nicholls
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#6. Las Vegas is a 24-hour city. It never stops. - Author: Eli Roth
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#7. Christian faith undercuts the urge to fix everything on our own, through conviction of the final helplessness of man and confidence in the providence of God
through certainty that only God can set everything to rights, and faith that in the end, He will. Man can only ameliorate, not cure. - Author: J. Budziszewski
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#8. When one turns from reason to faith, when one rejects the absolutism of reality, one undercuts the absolutism of one's consciousness - and one's mind becomes an organ one cannot trust any longer. It becomes what the mystics claim it to be: a tool of distortion. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#9. The constant flow of images undercuts the sense that there's actually something wrong with the world. How can there really be a shortage of whooping cranes when you've seen a thousand images of them - seen ten times more images than there are actually whooping cranes left in the wild? - Author: Bill McKibben
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#10. You ain't prepared for what's next, neither for what's commin. - Author: Deyth Banger
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#11. It is not very polite to interrupt a person, of course, but sometimes if the person is very unpleasant you can hardly stop yourself. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#12. Nearly every study shows that competition from cheap foreign labor undercuts the wages of American workers and legal immigrants. - Author: Lamar S. Smith
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#13. Fear is a huge thing for older people. - Author: James Hillman
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#14. Constantly scanning the world for the negative comes with a great cost. It undercuts our creativity, raises our stress levels, and lowers our motivation and ability to accomplish goals. - Author: Shawn Achor
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#15. To a degree, the West is reaping what it sowed from a major strategic blunder in the aftermath of 9/11 - the entire concept of a war on technique, that is, terrorism. Defining the enemy when fighting a concept was impossible. - Author: Kurt Eichenwald
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#16. What remained would gradually acquire its own shape and dimension, but many of our favorite things, my favorite ways of being a couple, had vanished and it was no use pretending, hoping, wishing that he would return to his old self, and me to mine. [p. 156] - Author: Diane Ackerman
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#17. The number of poor, and poorly prepared, students who succeed in college and beyond undercuts the simplistic notion that economic or educational disadvantage is an excuse for failure, violent behavior, or indulgence in drugs. - Author: Roland Merullo
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#18. Stupidity exceeds and undercuts materiality, runs loose, wins a few rounds, recedes, gets carried home in a clutch of denial-and returns. Essentially linked to the inexhaustible, stupidity is also that which fatigues knowledge and wears down history. - Author: Avital Ronell
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#19. The American people do not want people thumbing their nose at the law. It undercuts the very fabric of our society and the system of civil justice and of criminal justice as well. - Author: Ernest Istook
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#20. The libertarian must never advocate or prefer a gradual, as opposed to an immediate and rapid, approach to his goal. For by doing so, he undercuts the overriding importance of his own goals and principles. And if he himself values his own goals so lightly, how highly will others value them. - Author: Murray Rothbard
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#21. I don't have a least favorite [movie] or favorite anything except love versus non-love. Love's my favorite, non-love's my least favorite. - Author: Giuseppe Andrews
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