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#1. Wolves and Doves mate for life. I hope in the next life I am one of the two. - Author: Amanda Mosher
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#2. I see the rainbow in the sky, the dew upon the grass; I see them, and I ask not why they glimmer or they pass. With folded arms I linger not to call them back; 'twere vain: In this, or in some other spot, I know they'll shine again. - Author: Walter Savage Landor
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#3. I like to smile when its natural. I'm not mad or anything. That's my style. - Author: Jesse McCartney
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#4. Two turtle doves will show thee Where my cold ashes lie And sadly murmuring tell thee How in tears I did die - Author: Nikolai Gogol
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#5. The two lads were told to wash their hands. The recent thrill of adventure had been superseded by another sort of excitement. They locked themselves up. The tap ran unheeded. Both were in a manly state and moaning like doves. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#6. Alan shook his head. Jeremy was hopeless. Either he'd find an equally soft-headed girl and they'd live happily ever after like two cooing doves, or he'd be eaten alive by some she-spider. - Author: Bonnie Dee
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#7. The Internet is a whole new world opening up. - Author: Kenneth Edmonds
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#8. Still, we view that old material very much like we view the new material so if this gives us a chance to go out and promote it then, yes we will go out and do that. - Author: Geoff Downes
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#9. All cities do face similar, significant trends in the future ... most importantly global warming and climate change. - Author: Cate Blanchett
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#10. Or say we have two rival dictators in a death grudge. Assuming ED289/290 develops nicely in pill form, allow me to slip each dictator a mickey. Soon their tongues are down each other's throats and doves of peace are pooping on their epaulets. - Author: George Saunders
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#11. Argentina and Burma. I have been to most of the countries in the world, but not those two. I want to shoot doves in Argentina. Burma, of course, because no one has really been there. - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
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