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#1. I have five major corporations, and I operate them. How could I be retired? - Author: Donald Sterling
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#2. Allah executed and rendered justice for the sake of putting together and harmonization of the hearts. - Author: Fatima Bint Muhammad
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#3. I'm interested in producing truncated shapes in proportion to the frame and composition, shapes that are preferably luminous. I'm not interested in the full-figure. I want to abstract forms. - Author: Ralph Gibson
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#4. Half of what you will accomplish in a day will be determined before you leave home. Three quarters of what you achieve will be determined before you enter the classroom door - Author: Harry Wong
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#5. As the sun rose I could see Etna, a truncated cone with a plume of smoke over it like the quill of a pen stuck in a pewter inkpot, rising out of the haze to the north of where I was treading water. - Author: Eric Newby
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#6. In greeting, we Southerners say "hey" not "hi." To alert, draw the attention of, or show objection to another, we also say "hey," but air is expelled and the ending is truncated. This - Author: Kathy Reichs
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#7. If you complain to someone, you assume that it's someone who really cares about you. - Author: Scott Hahn
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#8. We don't deal in absolutes. We deal in probabilities. - Author: Seth Klarman
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#9. At this point there were good days, good weeks, when we pretended that it was acceptable that Jack had lived at all, that his life had been, in its truncated way, complete. This wasn't one of those days. - Author: Dave Eggers
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#10. When I want to be bold about my movement ... I for sure do not call it exercise! - Author: Mary Anne Radmacher
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#11. The fact remains that the materialistic view is a truncated view of reality. - Author: Stephen C. Meyer
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#12. I swear if Washington moved any slower, we could be at war and it would all be over before they could even lift their sluggish, naked, dead asses off of their comfortable heated-seat toilets. -Fitzhugh to Captain Jeeter - Author: Ray Palla
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#13. Each opinion, each view is necessarily partial, truncated, inadequate. In philosophy and in anything, originality comes down to incomplete definitions. - Author: Emil Cioran
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#14. The horror of class stratification, racism, and prejudice is that some people begin to believe that the security of their families and communities depends on the oppression of others, that for some to have good lives there must be others whose lives are truncated and brutal. - Author: Dorothy Allison
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#15. You could imagine a language exactly like English except it doesn't have connectives like 'and' that allow you to make longer expressions. An infant learning truncated English would have no idea about this: They would just pick it up as they would standard English. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#16. Roots can live without branches, although truncated; branches cannot live without roots. - Author: David Novak
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#17. Every man if he so desires becomes sculptor of his own brain. - Author: Santiago Ramon Y Cajal
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#18. I believe someone should be able to dress according to the mood they're in. It shouldn't be forced and you shouldn't have to follow a trend. - Author: Cher Lloyd
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#19. In short, dozens of conflicting, truncated impressions were already teasing to be understood, but the wisest course seemed to me to keep them to myself so long as I didn't begin to know what they added up to. - Author: Philip Roth
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#20. Many ills of the Christian life are due to handicapped beginnings. Too many people are preaching a warped or truncated gospel, and spiritual birth defects are the inevitable result. - Author: J. Edwin Orr
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#21. We do need our defense capabilities. The cuts that Senator [Ted] Cruz would have supported would leave us with an even smaller Air Force and a smaller Navy than the one we are going to be left with. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#22. He may not have been born with guts, but he didn't have to die without them. - Author: Katherine Paterson
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#23. There are pictures of Kim and Mia from high school and one of the two of them posing on top of the Empire State Building - a jolting reminder that their relationship wasn't truncated, they have a history of which I know nothing. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#24. The Gospel that worked in the 20th Century may not work in the 21st Century. The reason is because it is truncated. It only speaks of "Sin and Salvation" and not of the COSMIC GOSPEL that transforms all things. - Author: Peter Robinson
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#25. And there's a woman dressed in white, who's nice to hear, and soft to touch, and she whispers, 'Colette, I love you very much' I have a place where no one is ost, and where no one cries, because crying is not aloud, on my Castle In the Clouds - Author: Victor Hugo
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#26. A text conversation is a short exchange of often grossly truncated language that corresponds to a thought made all the more shallow by the process. - Author: Henry Rollins
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#27. Words are small shapes in the gorgeous chaos of the world. - Author: Diane Ackerman
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#28. Long-distance train conversations are unlike the perfunctory exchanges one normally associates with strangers, or the truncated, cut-to-the-chase kind that sometimes take place between seatmates on a plane. - Author: Alan Huffman
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#29. A writer who presents men and women as creatures truncated below the waist is exposed as one who goes about without his trousers saying, 'see, I have had my testicles removed.' - Author: Norman Lindsay
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#30. The forms of the short, written poem as they have been developed in English over the past few centuries can be usefully seen as compressed, truncated, or fragmented imitations of other verbal forms, especially the play, story, public oration, and personal essay. - Author: Robert Scholes
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#31. As for my own truncated secondary education, my head was in the clouds as my mom would say, or if you asked my father, up my ass. - Author: Michael J. Fox
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#32. Jess again. Mark had called her Jessica. As if she were a full person, not a truncated portion of one. - Author: Courtney Milan
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#33. Our choices are truncated in evil's presence. - Author: Michael Ventura
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#34. What the hell is wrong with you?" Westin growled as they entered the house. Lia twirled a bit.
"I am in a good mood. Is that not allowed?"
"For most people, yes, it's preferred. On you, it's creepy. What's up? - Author: Abbie Chandler
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