Top 22 Trevor Baylis Quotes

#1. You only get a chance to live your dream once, and I'm living mine right now.

Chris Paul

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#2. I don't want people ever to think I'm not in advertising. It's such a business of enthusiasm that if you're not totally excited about it, you should leave it.

Jerry Della Femina

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#3. But having had your bright, fresh, original idea, the really hard part is turning it into a successful product. That's what takes all the sweat.

Trevor Baylis

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#4. Do what gives you a buzz.

Trevor Baylis

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#5. That was the Alka-Seltzer moment, the moment when the tablet hits the water and begins to fizz.

Trevor Baylis

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#6. You think this is awkward? You should see me dance. I'm like Taylor Swift, all over the place.

Jay McLean

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#7. All inventors, they say, are a little mad. I reckon that only completely sane people are willing to admit they are slightly crazy.

Trevor Baylis

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#8. A good idea turns every cog in your mind, making you scared of bed in case the whole machine grinds to a halt.

Trevor Baylis

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#9. As long as you've got slightly more perception than the average wrapped loaf, you could invent something,

Trevor Baylis

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#10. I'd work eighteen-hour stretches and fall asleep in my clothes. Then I'd wake up in the middle of the night, brew a pot of tea, and start work again. I was tired, but work had become pure enjoyment.

Trevor Baylis

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#11. The key to success is to risk thinking unconventional thoughts. Convention is the enemy of progress.

Trevor Baylis

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#12. It makes me upset, if not angry, when people assume that there can be no morality without a religious framework. If there's a moral framework without all that religious stuff, it's more valuable.

Jane Asher

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#13. I also don't like films that are made just to make money, no this kind of film I don't like.

Dario Argento

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#14. I buried my grief for my son, not my memories, but my grief.

Deborah Smith

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#15. All right, then: I'm deluded and I'm blind. CLITANDRE


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#16. The notion that inventors are anorak-wearing crackpots with glasses held together with Sellotape is beguiling but wrong.

Trevor Baylis

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#17. She thinks of him lying there, the beautiful moment never arriving, never ruined, never disappointing, over. It must be sublime dwelling in that house of longing, forever poised on desire's trembling tip, before everything is wrecked.

Susan Johnson

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#18. I was on automatic pilot; ideas for gadgets kept coming, fed by a force of energy flowing through me and around me.

Trevor Baylis

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#19. Invention isn't some impenetrable brand of magic; anyone can have a go.

Trevor Baylis

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#20. Visionaries and dreamers have always been dusted with a little oddity.

Trevor Baylis

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#21. Harlow, do you realize that you're breathtaking? Just looking at you can become addictive.

Abbi Glines

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#22. Blessed are the misfits who make their own rules and stick to them for they shall inherit peace of mind

Chikamso C. Efobi

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