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#1. I've never been struck by lightning as far as I know, so the Higher Power is treating me as well as even those people who love him very much.

Dave Barry

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#2. Impact investing can be a powerful instrument of change.

Judith Rodin

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#3. I was first published as a paranormal author back in the early 1990s. I was one of the founders of that original wave of paranormal and am the leader of the new wave of paranormal that started at the beginning of this century.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#4. My poems covered the bare places in my childhood like the fine, new skin under a scab that hasn't yet fallen off completely.

Tove Ditlevsen

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#5. I am desperate to get him inside me, but he's slow now. "I might not be able to make many guarantees in this world, Rook," he says as his hand travels down and traces the crease between my legs. "But I will say with one hundred percent certainty that you will come tonight.

J.A. Huss

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#6. I fear / the place I have / in the memory of others. / They remind me of things / I myself have forgot.

Tove Ditlevsen

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#7. [On her mother:] My relationship with her is close, painful, and skaky, and I always have to keep searching for a sign of love. Everything I do, I do to please her, to make her smile, to ward off her fury. This work is extremely exhausting ...

Tove Ditlevsen

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#8. Since I was a small boy, I was always around the game. I don't play golf much myself, but I love watching it. My father has played golf all his life.

Bill Paxton

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#9. My childhood grew thin and flat, paperlike. It was tired and threadbare, and in low moments it didn't look like it would last until I was grown up.

Tove Ditlevsen

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#10. My activism did not spring from being black ... The racial injustice that was present in this country during my youth was a challenge to my belief in the oneness of the human family.

Bayard Rustin

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#11. He's stuck at 3:14 a.m. with only the moon to talk to.

Miranda July

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#12. Don't build your dreams on the opinions of men but on the promises of God

Bernard Kelvin Clive

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#13. Strive for originality in thought and action. Be first; Be different; And be daring. Only then will you make a significant difference in this world. You may even attain greatness.

Ernie J Zelinski

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#14. Down in the bottom of my childhood my father stands laughing.

Tove Ditlevsen

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#15. Memory, that library of the soul from which I will draw knowledge and experience for the rest of my life.

Tove Ditlevsen

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#16. Childhood is long and narrow like a coffin, and you can't get out of it on your own.

Tove Ditlevsen

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