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#1. We're not earthly beings any more ... we're cosmic beings. - Author: Eden Ahbez
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#2. Directing comes closer than anything I've found yet to providing me with a good reason to get up in the morning that goes beyond just getting some money. Because all the money does is buy the bed. Getting out of it is the problem. - Author: Shane Black
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#3. If you sacrifice liberty for security, you will lose both. - Author: Ron Paul
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#4. Blind nature will nearly always select the most probable, but man can let the most improbable become actual. - Author: Hans Jonas
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#5. The patients who constantly feel their pulse are not getting any better. - Author: Hubert Van Zeller
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#6. We're all here. We're close to the truck, and we met Kenton, a fine citizen of Salem. We rescued Izzy and found our way through a very sad darkness, dangers that we knew from Izzy's Orion interpretation would be waiting for us. We're definitely on the right track. - Author: Jonathan Friesen
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#7. We must subdue our detestable habit of shaking hands with prosperous rascals and fawning upon the merely rich. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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