Top 14 Togashi Quotes

#1. I like reading. I just hate school.

Armie Hammer

Togashi Quotes #1392
#2. Gliomas appeared on the same side of the brain that the phone was predominantly held, further tightening the link. An avalanche of panic ensued in the media.

Siddhartha Mukherjee

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#3. Dog is much admired by Man because he believes in the hand which feeds him. A perfect set-up. For 13 cents a day you've got a hired killer who thinks you are god. A dog can't tell a Nazi from a Republican from a Commie from a Democrat and, many times, neither can I.

Charles Bukowski

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#4. Ain't you been listening? I'm YUSUKE URAMESHI... the same ornery dawg you've always known and loved. So I have a DEMON ANCESTOR! Big Deal! I'm still going To KICK Sensui's sorry butt! -Yusuke

Yoshihiro Togashi

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#5. So, my sweet, did it put the fun into funeral?

Johnny Rich

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#6. When I say it doesn't hurt me, that means I can bear it.

Yoshihiro Togashi

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#7. The Saints come,
as human as a mouth,
with a bag of God in their backs,
like a hunchback,
they come,
they come marching in.

Anne Sexton

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#8. You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want.

Yoshihiro Togashi

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#9. People will know you for whatever they want to know you for.

Robert Pattinson

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#10. Let's go together and go to different places and see different things. It'll be fun!- Gon Freaks

Togashi, Yoshihiro

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#11. There is no bad in good.

Douglas Horton

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#12. Now that I am awake I shall reveal my true form.. to the world!!" Hahahaha! Hey You Morons! I'm Just Kidding! -Yusuke YuYu Hakusho

Yoshihiro Togashi

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#13. Form the habit of going the extra mile, giving service that is not expected, for this attracts friends, clients, and supporters in many ways

Napoleon Hill

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#14. The trick to loneliness is to spend a lot of time inside one's head.

Pat R

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