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#1. Kanchan says that if you follow what you love, money will follow. Shokunin

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

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#2. In the shadow of the atomic bomb it has become even more apparent that all men are, indeed, brothers.

Albert Einstein

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#3. When a woman gets dressed up to go out at night, she wants to give 50% away, and hold the rest back. If you're an open book, there's no allure.

Alexander McQueen

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#4. What do I need to Subtract from my life? What do I need to do Less of? What do I need to Add to my life? What do I need to do More of?

Louis Efron

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#5. Drugs and alcohol can be so destructive.

Kyan Douglas

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#6. The wildlings were cruel men, she said, slavers and slayers and thieves. They consorted with giants and ghouls, stole girl children in the dead of night, and drank blood from polished horns. And their women lay with the Others in the Long Night to sire terrible half-human children.

George R R Martin

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#7. They told me I would find it difficult to find work because of the way that I look and they weren't wrong. [laughs] I thought, "Well, I'll prove you wrong" because I genuinely believed that the world was a more diverse place than they perhaps viewed it to be.

Gwendoline Christie

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#8. Magic is really performing special effects live.

Michael Carbonaro

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#9. If any of you cry at my funeral, I'll never speak to you again!

Stan Laurel

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#10. Women have plans for themselves, for their children, about their home, the meals. They have a Vision. A man wants to enjoy himself ...

Muhammad Yunus

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#11. The profound thinker always suspects that he is superficial.

Benjamin Disraeli

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#12. Stars do not tire of shining because we ignore them.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#13. Whenever you put happiness before righteousness, you will be doomed to misery. That is the great message of the Bible from beginning to end. They alone are truly happy who are seeking to be righteous.

David Lloyd-Jones

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#14. But, every once in a while, even the most normal of people act in ways that surprise themselves, doing things they might never have imagined themselves doing because they're excited, or they're obsessed, or they're in love.

Miyuki Miyabe

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#15. Theories are usually the over-hasty efforts of an impatient understanding that would gladly be rid of phenomena, and so puts in their place pictures, notions, nay, often mere words.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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