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Top 20 Thunderheads Quotes

#1. Do we walk in legends or on the green earth in the daylight?'
A man may do both,' said Aragorn. 'For not we but those who come after will make the legends of our time. The green earth, say you? That is a mighty matter of legend, though you tread it under the light of day!

J.R.R. Tolkien

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#2. All night sheetlightning quaked sourceless to the west beyond the midnight thunderheads, making a bluish day of the distant desert, the mountains on the sudden skyline stark and black and livid like a land of some other order out there whose true geology was not stone but fear.

Cormac McCarthy

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#3. It seemed like an impossible task to do full justice to all Luther classics. And yet these landmark artists have done just that. Memorable performances of wonderful songs that ensure Luther's legacy will live on forever.

Clive Davis

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#4. The sun, an hour above the horizon, is poised like a bloody egg upon a crest of thunderheads; the light has turned copper: in the eye portentous, in the nose sulphurous, smelling of lightning.

William Faulkner

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#5. Whatever you may think of Judaism, Lyuba, in the end it's just a codified system of anxieties.

Gary Shteyngart

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#6. When you say 'fooling around with my favorite person,' it makes me feel like this is just a sex thing. And it's not. It never has been, and that's the last thing I want you to think.

Santino Hassell

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#7. The sun had burned through and the day had gone from dull to dazzling, yet in the west blask-satin thunderheads continued to stack up. It was as if night has burst a blood-vessel in the sky over there.

Stephen King

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#8. I think it's dangerous to be optimistic. Things could go terribly wrong virtually overnight.

Nicholas D. Kristof

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#9. It feels great to do what you love.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#10. Trying to follow Jesus part-time or halfhearted is impossible. The relationship he wants with you requires your whole heart. And fans should know that his terms are not negotiable. So before you say, "I want to be a follower," be sure you understand what it's going to cost you.

Kyle Idleman

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#11. I'd lost my wife and I still didn't feel what I did now, watching Chloe with another man. Her smile, her laughter, her touches - they should have been mine.

Kendall Ryan

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#12. Shirtless, they'd stretch out in the long grass and take the healing brunt of a noontime sun that gave no clue of the thunderheads it already, in secret, had begun to breed.

Paul Russell

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#13. I used to watch a lot of American and British television as a child, which helped teach me the language and accents; it was partly that which landed me the part of Roxy in a London production of 'Chicago' when I was 25.

Birgitte Hjort Sorensen

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#14. Even a glamorous bitch can be in need.

Tori Amos

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#15. To recognize you are the source of your own loneliness is not a cure for it. But it is a step toward seeing that it is not inevitable, and that such a choice is not irrevocable.

Robin Hobb

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#16. There is nothing so easy to learn as experience and nothing so hard to apply

Josh Billings

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#17. Billingsly castle was holding its breath. Thunderheads rolled in from the hills, thick and white and folding over like biscuit dough, bubbling, boiling magenta along the edges where the skillet was the hottest.

Lauren Gilley

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#18. The near future? The future of anything is like some massive weather system on the horizon, pushing out thunderheads all over the place, and it's impossible to predict where the lightning will strike. And in 2011 it's worse than ever.

Warren Ellis

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#19. What's right isn't always popular. What's popular isn't always right.

Howard Cosell

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#20. We sail across dominions barely seen, washed by the swells of time. We plow through fields of magnetism. Past and future come together on thunderheads and our dead hearts live with lightning in the wounds of the Gods.

Norman Mailer

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