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Top 20 Throw Your Trash Away Quotes

#1. My only writing ritual is to shave my head bald between writing the first and second drafts of a book. If I can throw away all my hair, then I have the freedom to trash any part of the book on the next rewrite. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#2. At fifty years old and many years into her second career, she reinvented herself as a computer programmer. - Author: Margot Lee Shetterly
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#3. If people realized someone would be sorting through their trash, would they be more careful in what they throw away? - Author: Camron Wright
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#4. Near death experiences seem to do that for me--- they bring out my sentimental side. - Author: Dima Zales
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#5. Living in Washington, you can't take politics too seriously. I draw the line at honesty. I have no time for political hacks who say things they don't believe because they get paid to. - Author: Tucker Carlson
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#6. You don't see, I dare say, Axel, but if you were to listen, you might hear. - Author: Jules Verne
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#7. I once asked a young dissertation writer whether her suddenly grayed hair was due to ill health or personal tragedy; she answered: "It was the footnotes". - Author: Joanna Russ
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#8. Just because you have a piece of trash and you throw it away and it gets hauled away, it doesn't mean that it's not affecting someone else. - Author: Majora Carter
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#9. Trash bags are among my favorite consumer products. I wish I had invented them. What a racket. People buy them, take them home, and throw them away. Let's see Bill Gates top that. - Author: Gary Reilly
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#10. It's your chili dog. Clean it up."
"It's your turn to clean."
"The house. Not your trash, which you can walk your leatherfaced-ass unto the kitchen to throw away. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#11. Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#12. It gives us a look into a world that's very much like 'Traffic' was for drugs, this movie is for gun running. Dark at times, but I think Nic Cage is an incredible person to watch and very entertaining. - Author: Jared Leto
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#13. When you have all these traces of trash moving around, you can ask yourself how can we make the system more efficient. Then we can make better decisions. And perhaps we will not throw away the plastic bottles that go every day to the dump. - Author: Carlo Ratti
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#14. I use to live on this street when I was a kid where there was an old person retirement home, and all of the old people would listen to that band Herman's Hermits, and they would wear white nursing shoes. And they would throw away stacks of VHS tapes, and I would go through the trash and take them. - Author: Harmony Korine
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#15. ... out here in the real world, my man, you would be amazed how seldom murder has to break into people's lives. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it gets there because they open the door and invite it in. - Author: Tana French
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#16. Baby, I ain't trash. Trash is something you throw away. My people keep me. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#17. I do love comedy, but I'm not brave enough to tackle a script whose goal is to make you laugh. That's tough. The ones that can do it, I tip my hat off to them, but I don't have that kind of humor or mind. - Author: William H. Macy
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#18. War is devastating, and it leaves its scars for generations. - Author: James Blunt
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#19. My favorite quote...from Alfred Hitchcock, of all people...

"A great story is life with the dull parts taken out. - Author: Richard W. Perhacs
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#20. How do you sort the treasure from the trash? When does something move from sentimental to disposable? And if you think you are ready to part with it, are you really? If you throw it away today, will you regret it tomorrow? Or will it be something you never think about again? - Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
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