Top 13 Thralls Quotes

#1. awake, then die
in the arms of a modified lover
sleep, then dream
in the absence of a tangible lover
envision, then sing
in the thralls of a hungry lover

A.P. Sweet

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#2. Starting out really punk came from not knowing any better and listening to music like that, not knowing how to play music - well, still not knowing how to play music.

Beth Ditto

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#3. Therefore nothing were better for us than soon to be conveyed to the last dance, and covered with shovels.

Martin Luther

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#4. True grace is natural, not artificial, because, however strenuously you strive to gain it, when it is gained it never gives the impression of effort or straining for effect.

Frederic Dan Huntington

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#5. I'm afraid of making a mistake. I'm not totally neurotic, but I'm pretty neurotic about it. I'm as close to totally neurotic as you can get without being totally neurotic.

Bridget Fonda

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#6. In those days, most people read newspapers, whereas today, most people do not. What caused this change? One big factor, of course, is that people are a lot stupider than they used to be, although we here in the newspaper industry would never say so in print.

Dave Barry

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#7. I think there's a joy to be had in taking readers where they just don't want to go. If you are writing a properly realist novel, then don't blink. Why not see something for what it is and render it truthfully? I find it a good way of going about writing - not to blink.

Neel Mukherjee

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#8. I like fighting because it's honest.

Gina Carano

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#9. The biggest form of slavery is the slavery to fear

Sunday Adelaja

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#10. Hey, I'll have you know that with recent 3D imaging, Ichthyosaurus communis is more alive than ever!"
"Talk like the Discovery Channel all you want, but a book of fossils and a tub of plaster does not an orgy make.

Gina Damico

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#11. Freedom may come not from being in control of life but rather from a willingness to move with the events of life, to hold on to our memories but let go of the past, to choose, when necessary, the inevitable. We can become free at any time.

Rachel Naomi Remen

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#12. That simple touch felt like stars springing to life inside of me after years of living in darkness.

Jessie Humphries

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#13. Reaching too deep into something not meant for you is full of pain. Figure out what you can have and work on that

Lalita Tademy

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