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#1. The importance of my legacy is not the golf course, it's what my life is, and what my life is intended to be. The game of golf is a game. My family is my life. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#2. We don't have seasons anymore. You know why? We lost the ozone layer. Well, put it on milk cartons - let's find it! - Author: Lewis Black
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#3. Most people don't know that I'll eat anything spicy. A little extra kick is always a good thing! - Author: Kelli Berglund
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#4. Cloning represents a very clear, powerful, and immediate example in which we are in danger of turning procreation into manufacture. - Author: Leon Kass
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#5. #TheJoyOfSiblings - Author: Anonymous
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#6. After flirting with neoisolationism, the U.S. is now deciding it wants to run the world. - Author: Tariq Ali
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#7. When you start and you're taking the character seriously, it's going to lead down a variety of paths. - Author: Jon Hurwitz
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#8. Blood tricked down Molly's neck from the stinging cut Justine had given her. She thought, dear lords and ladies, all I want in the whole wide world is a bath, a pina colada, and the chance to stake this bitch in the heart. - Author: Thea Harrison
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