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Top 14 The White Balloon Quotes

#1. Wine is not a magic serum of truth. It just silences that smart little voice in your head which advises against saying some dumb shit. - Author: David Alejandro Fearnhead
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#2. The manner of giving shows the character of the giver, more than the gift itself. - Author: Johann Kaspar Lavater
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#3. I'm sure sex wouldn't be so rewarding as this World Cup. It's not that sex isn't good but the World Cup is every four years and sex is not. - Author: Ronaldo
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#4. We have a secret project at Third Man where we want to have the first vinyl record played in outer space. We want to launch a balloon that carries a vinyl record player. - Author: Jack White
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#5. There is no reason why an atheist could not write a good Mass. - Author: Ralph Vaughan Williams
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#6. Your window square a yellow kite, and the Moon a white balloon - Author: John Geddes
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#7. I'd gone to Manhattan to become a model. - Author: Michael Bergin
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#8. Gloria watched the swollen white orb of a hot-air balloon rising over Navy Pier and knew she had to break it off with Oliver, for he was the type who would never enjoy hot-air balloons, Van Morrison songs, or mess, whether from orgasm or otherwise. But who was she to be dreaming about mess today? - Author: Andrea Kayne Kaufman
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#9. I feel that what was done in the dark will come to light. There are secrets everybody's gonna find out about. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#10. I should call people back more readily. I'm not the best friend sometimes in terms of that. I do follow that white balloon and get distracted a lot. - Author: Peter Dinklage
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#11. Funny; people die in clumps too. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#12. In the middle of the night, when Laila woke up thirsty, she found their hands still clamped together, in the white-knuckle, anxious way of children clutching balloon strings. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#13. Poetry is a theorem of a yellow-silk handkerchief knotted with riddles, sealed in a balloon tied to the tail of a kite flying in a white wind against a blue sky in spring. - Author: Carl Sandburg
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#14. At the end of the street the sharp white needle of the church's steeple poked into the sky as if heaven were a big balloon that needed to be popped. - Author: Wendy Wunder
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