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#1. Appropriation is the idea that ate the art world. Go to any Chelsea gallery or international biennial and you'll find it. It's there in paintings of photographs, photographs of advertising, sculpture with ready-made objects, videos using already-existing film. - Author: Jerry Saltz
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#2. Jace was kissing her like he thought he might go to hell for doing it, but it would be worth it. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#3. If you find a way, I'll be there. Right to the end of the earth and over it. - Author: Kendare Blake
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#4. By the mid 1920s the typical American town was in full sexual bloom. The change came with erotic fashions, literature and movies, and an unsuspected sexual aid, the automobile. - Author: John Leo
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#5. What seems to happen is that pain tries to let us know it needs listening to in different ways. And one way it tries is through illness. In - Author: John C. Parkin
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#6. But Adam lingered for a moment after he cast off the covers and stood. Here he was, waking in the Lynch home, wearing last night's clothing that still smelled of smoke from the grill, having overslept the weight class he had this morning by a magnitude of hours. His mouth remembered Ronan Lynch's. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#7. Emma pursed her lips thoughtfully. "Okay, here's a really bad analogy for you. Aidan is like the Indy 500 of Sex, and I need someone who is more - "
"Bumper cars?" Casey asked.
"I was going to say the slow lane, smartass. - Author: Katie Ashley
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#8. I had a few pimples here and there when I was 14. Never had braces though, thank God. A girl in my class had, like, the big helmet of head gear. I felt so bad for her. People always made fun of me enough because of my name. - Author: River Viiperi
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#9. I want to work with non-profits that stimulate growth to the community. Whether it is economic growth, intellectual, or freedom. - Author: Gbenga Akinnagbe
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#10. I think education is both using and improving knowledge and that changes the whole picture. - Author: William Glasser
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#11. I think it's beautiful
the way you sparkle
when you talk about
the things you love. - Author: Atticus Poetry
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#12. I felt a wish to be fictionalized. - Author: Hilary Mantel
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#13. Consumers are increasingly programming their own entertainment and content experiences. - Author: Chad Hurley
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