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#1. The less you talk out loud, the more you talk in your head. - Author: Quil Carter
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#2. An avidity for more is built into the love of movies. Something else is built in: you have to be open to the idea of getting drunk on movies. (Being able to talk about movies with someone
to share the giddy high excitement you feel
is enough for a friendship. - Author: Pauline Kael
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#3. I don't like to pretend I was guided in any way by the supernatural world, but the more you talk about that, the easier it is to dismiss those notions. - Author: Hannah Kent
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#4. Whatever you speak about is what you create more of. So choose to talk about the best possible scenarios, the easiest way to do something, or how you've grown and learned from an experience. When - Author: Doreen Virtue
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#5. I think it may be that the fans of your least-favorite political candidate, whoever it is, are much more likable and light-side types than you might think going in. One way to reach them is to talk about Star Wars. - Author: Cass Sunstein
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#6. If you do not wish a man to do a thing, you had better get him to talk about it; for the more men talk, the more likely they are to do nothing else. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#7. To deny the reality of things is to miss their reality; to assert the emptiness of things is to miss their reality. The more you talk and think about it, the further astray you wander from the truth. Stop talking and thinking and there is nothing you will not be able to know. - Author: Sengcan
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#8. There are surely times when a conservative and a liberal would agree. We would agree on how moral it is to discriminate on the basis of race. There's absolutely no light between those two positions. It becomes a little more complex when you talk about law as opposed to morality. - Author: Dennis Prager
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#9. I'd like to talk in my own accent, but then there's that thing about getting typecast as, 'The British guy.' The role that makes you, that's normally what you're cast as forever more. Like, if I did a huge film with my British accent, that would be that. - Author: Ryan Cartwright
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#10. When people talk of the freedom of writing, speaking or thinking I cannot choose but laugh. No such thing ever existed. No such thing now exists; but I hope it will exist. But it must be hundreds of years after you and I shall write and speak no more. - Author: John Adams
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#11. Come in, Phelan,' Leo said easily. 'We love silent guests -- it allows us to talk all the more. By all means, sit and say nothing.'

'But if you can manage it,' Catherine added with a smile, 'try to look impressed by our wit and intelligence. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#12. Those who think the information brought out at a criminal trial is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth are fools. Prosecuting or defending a case is nothing more than getting to those people who will talk for your side, who will say what you want said. - Author: F. Lee Bailey
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#13. When people realize that in the long run you may be turning off the audiences more, even though they will look temporarily
in the end they turn away, we really need to develop other metaphors and not talk about two sides, but talk about all sides. - Author: Deborah Tannen
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#14. That an article of mine was well argued but dull, and advised me briskly to write more like the way you talk. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
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#15. The Almighty appeared on earth as a helpless human baby, needing to be fed and changed and taught to talk like any other child. The more you think about it, the more staggering it gets. Nothing in fiction is so fantastic as this truth of the Incarnation. - Author: J.I. Packer
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#16. Most friendships, if the end at all, end not by earthquake, but by erosion. Your time together, which you used to take for granted, becomes something you need to schedule.
Slowly you're aware that the easy intimacy you shared got lost somewhere. You talk more and more about the past. - Author: Alex Robinson
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#17. Your preschool child will chatter endlessly to you. If you half-listen and half-reply the whole conversation will seem, and become, tediously meaningless for both of you. but if you really listen and really answer, he will talk more and what he says will make more sense. - Author: Penelope Leach
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#18. It's funny how that works. Sometimes not speaking says more than all the words in the world. Sometimes my silence is saying I don't know how to speak to you. I don't know what you're thinking. talk to me. Tell me everything you've ever sad. All the words. Starting from your very first one. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#19. It is an old story and if you want to go into it you will no doubt consult people who have more authority to talk about it than I have. All I am doing is to ask people to face the facts - to understand the questions which Christianity claims to answer. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#20. There is no more ridiculous custom than the one that makes you express sympathy once and for all on a given day to a person whose sorrow will endure as long as his life. Such grief, felt in such a way is always present, it is never too late to talk about it, never repetitious to mention it again. - Author: Marcel Proust
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#21. Now, as I expect you know, there is nothing more cruel than talk, and there is nothing more difficult to combat. When people say things behind your back there is nothing you can refute or deny, and the rumours go on growing and growing, and no one can stop them. I - Author: Agatha Christie
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#22. When you talk to people who have been in combat, there's a sensory overload that happens. The color becomes vivid. Sounds become more pronounced. People talk about how, for them, the war was technicolor and real life was black and white after the war. - Author: David Ayer
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#23. Don't you quote Sister White. I don't want you ever to quote Sister White until you get your vantage ground where you know where you are. Quote the Bible. Talk the Bible. It is full of meat, full of fatness. Carry it right out in your life, and you will know more Bible than you know now. - Author: Ellen G. White
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#24. You cannot lecture on really pure poetry any more than you can talk about the ingredients of pure water-it is adulterated, methylated, sanded poetry that makes the best lectures. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#25. My husband's a pediatrician, so he and I talk about parenting all the time. You can't raise children who have more shame resilience than you do. - Author: Brene Brown
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#26. You won't talk to anybody who breaks lyrics down more thoroughly. It's just a complete deconstruction, and when you start to rebuild, nobody has the capacity to do it like me. Which is not to say I'm better, it's just that there's a unique quality to everyone. - Author: Harry Connick Jr.
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#27. Trying to tart the rock business up a bit is getting nearer to what the kids themselves are like, because what I find, if you want to talk in the terms of rock, a lot depends on sensationalism and the kids are a lot more sensational than the stars themselves. - Author: David Bowie
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#28. I like the idea that people have formed their own opinions. And of course once people meet me or talk to me their opinion totally changes because I'm much more that girl that you hang out with than you think. - Author: Willa Ford
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#29. That's not true. I love you more than my life, Pigeon," he said, hurt.
"That's exactly what I mean. That's crazy talk."
"It's not crazy. It's the truth. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#30. You know your chances with me always get worse, the more you talk. And Kelly finally shut up. For a block, anyway ... - Author: Cara McKenna
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#31. The more you think and talk, the more you lose the Way. - Author: Sengcan
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#32. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you're going to attract more of into your life. - Author: Jack Canfield
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#33. Do you understand the theory of that affair? replied my father.
Not I, quoth my uncle.
- But you have some ideas, said my father, of what you talk about.
No more than my horse, replied my uncle Toby. - Author: Laurence Sterne
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#34. With brothers you become friends. Some you hang out with more than others. You talk to one about the other a little more. You get mad at them. Then, you love them. Then, you apologize. You have to apologize whether you want to or not. You have to. That's your brother. - Author: Tito Jackson
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#35. And there's this talk that we're asking soldiers to make the greatest sacrifice, but the reality is that civilians bear the burden of war more than the combatants. You're much more likely to get accidentally blown up or killed by a death squad than you are to die in a firefight. - Author: Michael Hastings
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#36. Talk with M. Hermite. He never evokes a concrete image, yet you soon perceive that the more abstract entities are to him like living creatures. - Author: Henri Poincare
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#37. I'm just looking for authentic engagement of some kind, and usually, after an hour or more, you get that. Some people talk at you. Some people just want to answer questions, but a lot of times, all of a sudden you drift away, and you don't remember you're on the mic, and you're in something real. - Author: Marc Maron
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#38. It is so great to go to a casting director and have them wanting to talk about the show that you are in. It's such a great icebreaker. It just makes the environment so much more relaxed. - Author: Nathalie Emmanuel
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#39. Oh, I see. You're horny."
Kent cleared his throat. "I believe we've had more than one discussion about that adjective."
"Right," Cali corrected, frowning as she peered at the cellulite on the top of the back of her thighs. "You're not horny. You're lascivious. - Author: Zannie Adams
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#40. We realy must work on our communitcation. Perhaps if you were not so constantly intrested in other forms of intimacy, I might actually have access to the information I need to survive with my temper intact!" Alexia poked at him with a sharp finger. "More talk, less bed sport. - Author: Gail Carriger
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#41. You must be Independent, Independent, Independent - don't talk so much but do more - go your own way and let your neighbour go his... Shake off all the props - the props tradition and authority give you - and go alone - crawl - stumble - stagger - but go alone. - Author: Charles Rennie Mackintosh
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#42. It is not restful, it is not possible to talk wholeheartedly to more than one person at a time. You can't really talk with a person unless you surrender to them, for the moment (all other talk is futile). You can't surrender to more than one person a moment. - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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#43. Hey, I'll have you know that with recent 3D imaging, Ichthyosaurus communis is more alive than ever!"
"Talk like the Discovery Channel all you want, but a book of fossils and a tub of plaster does not an orgy make. - Author: Gina Damico
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#44. Because - Bobby Lewis said this once to us in class, the better you get, the less credit you'll get. Because the better you are, the more it looks like walking and talking and everybody thinks they can walk and talk. - Author: James Lipton
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#45. The horror genre is an extremely delicate thing. You can talk to filmmakers and even psychologists who've studied the genre, and even they don't understand what works or what doesn't work. More importantly, they don't understand why it works when it works. - Author: Stephen King
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#46. In hundreds of interviews with people at all levels I've made this discovery: The bigger the person, the more apt he is to encourage you to talk; the smaller the person, the more apt he is to preach to you. - Author: David J. Schwartz
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#47. The best neighbor you can have is a tree, a living tree. They listen more than they talk, provide shade on hot days, give you food and shelter, and don't ask for anything in return. - Author: Michael J. Sullivan
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#48. That was when I found out that you could talk to them and it was a whole other way to blow your stack, and it's so much fun to perform that you want to do it again and the more you get out of it the better. - Author: Leo Kottke
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#49. Never drink more than one cocktail before giving a talk. True, the drinks may relax you, but they may also slur your speech and blur your memory, making you wonder who are all those people out there and why are they staring at you? - Author: Teresa Bloomingdale
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#50. Caitlyn is breathtaking, one of the most gorgeous women I've had the pleasure of meeting, and I pity you for being so wrapped up in shit-talk you'd stoop to the level you just did. But you've given me all the more reason to beat your ass come September. - Author: Abby Niles
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#51. Gossip. The more you talk about why people do things, the more ideas you have about how the world works. - Author: Jane Smiley
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#52. I've always heard that it's not nice to talk about the dead. But it seems to me that's the best time to talk about them. So I hope you'll reserve your opinion of me for a few more years.
Shelley Fraser Mickle - Author: Shelley Mickle
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#53. It's all about getting the hand of things. Easy does it; take it easy. You'll figure everything out in time. But for right now, just keep trying. Pay attention and avoid the temptation to go further than you're ready. Talk less. And listen more. - Author: Kate Jacobs
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#54. I take very seriously the notion that you have to get out in your community; you have to talk to people, but, more importantly, you have to listen to people. - Author: Gary Peters
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#55. People are very reluctant to talk about their private lives but then you go to the internet and they're much more open. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#56. I come from a theater background, and if you're doing a play, your audience is right there, and you're able to have that one-on-one experience. Doing more TV now, when fans come up to me on the street and talk to me on social media, that's a way to bridge that gap. - Author: Samira Wiley
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#57. Imitation is the surest form of flattery and failure. I am not interested with your talk about my ideas. I am more interested in your applying them to your life. If you do not, then you are essentially not in accord with your own mind. - Author: Miyamoto Musashi
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#58. I've been an actor for 10 years now, and if anything I want to talk more about my dad. He taught me that even if you get past the casting director's door you've still got to do your homework: you've still got to work hard. - Author: Rafe Spall
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#59. I'm not a big fan of psychoanalysis: I think if you have mental problems what you need are good pills. But I do think that if you have thinks that bother you, things that are unresolved, the more that you talk about them, write about them, the less serious they become. - Author: Stephen King
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#60. Dramaturgically, you always hear that you want to see things in the moment, you want to see things happen, you don't want to talk about things, but with "Friends," it was more fun when they talked about it. - Author: Marta Kauffman
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#61. Fantasy is an area where it is possible to talk about right and wrong, good and evil, with a straight face. In mainstream fiction and even in a good deal of mystery, these things are presented as simply two sides of the same coin. Never really more than a matter of where you happen to be standing. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#62. Secrets affect you more than you'd think. You lie to keep them hidden. You steer talk away from them. You worry someone'll discover yours and tell the world. You think you are in charge of the secret, but isn't it the secret who's actually using you? - Author: David Mitchell
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#63. You need more sleep."
"Skillet, pan."
"You know, the skillet says the pan's the same deal."
He thought a moment. "I believe that's the pot calling the kettle black."
"Whatever, kitchen stuff can't talk anyway. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#64. The odd thing about this form of communication is you're more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many ... somethings. So, thanks. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#65. Especially when you are advertising a product, I talk to the photographer and we create a character - it always gives you more freedom because it makes it less about yourself. - Author: Penelope Cruz
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#66. True Prayer is the work of relationship, where He moves them from mere information about Him to a one-on-one experience with Him, so that now when they talk about "knowing God," they mean more than, "I understand what you're saying about God," but also, "It fits my experience of Him. - Author: Geoffrey Wood
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#67. You know, when people talk about filmmaking and the techniques of filmmaking, we use them all the time in network television news in order to make our stories simpler, tighter and more understandable to the general public. - Author: Lowell Bergman
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#68. I actually have more respect for people who are in the closet. You end up exposing so much of yourself because you have to talk about your sexual life. You shouldn't have to talk about it. - Author: Randy Harrison
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#69. At school, I always felt the art room was the place where you could sit and talk. It was a place of solace. I wasn't the best artist at school by a long shot; it was more the understanding and the support that came from that room. - Author: Sam Taylor-Wood
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#70. You want to know how to be like indians? Live close to the earth. Get rid of some of your things. Help each other. Talk to the creator. Be quiet more. Listen to the earth instead of building things on it all the time. - Author: Kent Nerburn
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#71. Any chance I'd get to see you in that bikini?"
Zahara punched him in the arm. "No more talk of me in anything remotely skimpy or I'm gonna drop-kick you, got it?" ~Zahara and Bryan - Author: Annabell Cadiz
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#72. I'm not only a writer, but have directed and produced, know the difficulties of the line producer, can deal with the studio, can talk with the director and get his or her vision and help exact that. I think it just gives you more tools. - Author: John Lee Hancock
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#73. New York cops are very specific in terms of the way they talk and the way they handle themselves. All these cliches that, as an Englishman, I thought were from a bygone era or were a bit of poetic license with cop shows - the more you hang out with them, the more you realize how real that jargon is. - Author: Theo James
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#74. Walking the walk is one thing, but it is so much more powerful if you can talk it as well. - Author: Robin Hoyle
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#75. So I'm sorry, I'm going to continue to talk to the people, because I do believe that if they get to know you and what you are as a human being, they can more appreciate what you are as a performer. - Author: Mel Torme
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#76. I don't talk very well. With writing, you've time to get it right. Also I've found the more I talk the less I write, and if I didn't write no one would want me to talk anyway. - Author: Alan Bennett
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#77. Introverts don't like small talk conversation, but they typically don't mind writing. The more people can "see" you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or a blog, the more they will feel like they know you, even though you don't have one-on-one interaction with them. - Author: Thom S. Rainer
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#78. She was tough," James said, "but nice. She wanted to talk things out with Slytherin even after he'd tried to kill the lot of us. But she wasn't a pushover. None of them were. They were hardcore. I'll tell you more tomorrow. How'd you all know I'd gone missing? - Author: G. Norman Lippert
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#79. Happiness is a good business these days, more you talk crap about happiness the large number of crowd you will gather. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
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#80. I just tend to think about everyday things for my onstage act. Actually you know what I like to talk about just the absolute most - the more mundane the subject matter, the more interesting it is to me. - Author: Brian Regan
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#81. You have to do more than just talk about work. You have to really reward the people who are out there doing it. - Author: Chris Christie
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#82. You don't talk dirty to make him hot. You "talk dirty" to communicate what you need. And most guys, if you go, "Yeah, yeah, just like that, a little more to the left," they'll do it. - Author: Nina Hartley
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#83. The world doesn't just revolve around you. There's a lot of talk in this country about the federal deficit. But I think we should talk more about our empathy deficit. - Author: Barack Obama
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#84. I want more,' he says. 'I want more with you. I want to hold hands in public. I want to drive you home from work and give you a kiss good night. And talk on the phone so late we fall asleep. - Author: Julie Murphy
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#85. If you weren't driving, I'd kiss you senseless," I tell him.
He swerves to the side of the road and stops the car abruptly.
"Not driving any more. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#86. Our friends at the Republican convention were more than happy to talk about everything they think is wrong with America, but they didn't have much to say about how they'd make it right. They want your vote, but they don't want you to know their plan. - Author: Barack Obama
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#87. The more you talk about negative things in your life, the more you call them in. Speak victory not defeat. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#88. The best thing you can do when you're not feeling funny is go out and get more stimuli from the world, get out and walk around, read a book, go talk to some birds or a dog and replenish the well, as it were. - Author: Rob Delaney
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#89. Exposure and attention make a work famous - the more you talk about it, the more attention it gets, the more validity it achieves. - Author: Andy Warhol
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#90. Rob glanced back at the glint of the blade as Caleb spun it once more. 'So what - you want information?' he asked,looking back at him'You want to talk'?.
'If talking means I ask questions and you answer them'.
Rob exhaled sharply. 'Is that what the tickingclocks about?some kind of threat. - Author: Lindsay J. Pryor
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#91. The rule is not to talk about money with people who have much more or much less than you. - Author: Katharine Whitehorn
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#92. Listen more than you talk. Whatever the context, people will think you're smarter. - Author: Esther Dyson
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#93. When you live in America, it's kind of insular - the news coverage that you get - unless you're really smart about it and find more international news coverage. I've learned that from my husband. In the French culture, they talk politics. - Author: Kim Raver
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#94. As a manager, the more you talk about something without following up with action, the less those words will matter. - Author: Jonathan Raymond
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#95. The more you talk to cats ... the smarter they become. An occasional 'nice kitty' will have no measurable effect; intelligent conversation is required. - Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
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#96. There's this perception that if you worry a lot and if you look really busy and stressed out then you'll be more successful. You talk about how little sleep you get and how tensed you are and how you're not getting the appreciation you deserve. - Author: Nancy Meyers
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#97. The more you talk about price, the lower it gets. - Author: Jim Meisenheimer
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#98. Some musical directors have more chutzpah. They pick up the phone and talk people into giving. I prefer to call and say 'thank you' after the money has been contributed. - Author: Zubin Mehta
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#99. When you cover politics, you realize that knowing how to talk about character matters more and more. The way we hold ideas is more important than the ideas. - Author: David Brooks
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#100. I don't want to talk too much about the nitty-gritty of writing. It's rather like a pressure cooker with a certain amount of pressure in it - the more you let out, the less you cook. - Author: Vikram Seth
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