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#1. Je t'aime tant, je ne peux pas trouver la fin de mon amour pour toi
(I love you so thar I can't find the end of my love for you) - Author: Miguel El Portugues
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#2. Elvi blinked in puzzlement as Murtry left. "Is he mad at me?" "Sweetie," Amos said, clapping her on the back, "that just means you're not an asshole. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#3. There is a kind of certainty that seems to characterize Jared Smith's best work, an understanding about place and the flow of spirit that makes you think of Thoreau along with a commitment as fierce as that of Pablo Neruda. - Author: Joseph Bruchac
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#4. I think men are afraid to say that they would love to have Michelle Obama in their bed, but they think it. - Author: Eddie Griffin
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#5. What I loved about 'Goodfellas' is that it's a film about bad behavior - but told with great energy and without judgment - but it doesn't actually shy away from the consequences of that behavior in the characters' lives, which I think is similar in 'Keep the Lights On.' - Author: Ira Sachs
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#6. The ancient nobility and gentry of the kingdom ... have been thrust out of all public employment ... a race of merchants, and manufacturers and bankers and loan-jobbers and contractors have usurped their place. - Author: William Cobbett
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#7. Innovations are changes which cannot be decomposed into infinitessimal steps. - Author: Joseph A. Schumpeter
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#8. When people ask what were the qualities of Bobby Kennedy that they most admired, it was first that he was tough. Second, he told the truth and third, he stood up for the little guy. - Author: Emilio Estevez
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#9. Ah yes! I'm feeling a powerful energy through my bullshit chokra. - Jonathan "Jack" McVoy - Author: E.J. Eisman
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#10. A Cabinet Minister, the responsible head of thar most vital of all departments, wandering alone - grieving - sometimes near audibly lamenting - for a door, for a garden! - Author: H.G.Wells
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#11. In any culture, if information is to maximise in a contextual space, and new meanings be born, the original story has to have substance - there's gotta be gold in them thar hills. - Author: Giles Foden
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#12. When was the last time you used the words 'teach me'? Maybe not since you started first grade? Here's an irony about school: The daily grind of tests, homework, and pressures sometimes blunts rather than stimulates a thirst for knowledge. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#13. Coach Hedge yelled,"Thar she blows! Kansas, ahoy!"
"Holy Hephaestus," Leo muttered. "He really needs to work on his shipspeak. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#14. Thar's only two possibilities: Thar is life out there in the universe which is smarter than we are, or we're the most intelligent life in the universe. Either way, it's a mighty sobering thought. (Porkypine) - Author: Walt Kelly
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#15. How you find love means nothing. It's what you do with it when you see it thar does. - Author: Amelie Fisher
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#16. Later that day, shortly before the sun sank in the wintry sky, despite the best efforts of the medics, Arra Sails closed her eyes, made peace with the gods of the vampires, breathed her last ... and died. - Author: Darren Shan
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#17. Even though I was a reluctant reader in junior high and high school, I found myself writing poems in the back of class. - Author: Matt De La Pena
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#18. It's funny shooting movies because you get to see clubs during daylight hours, which no one should ever see - it's not pretty; there's a reason the lighting is dim in there. - Author: Gillian Jacobs
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#19. In the modesty of fearful duty, I read as much as from the rattling tongue of saucy and audacious eloquence. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#20. Thar is two things that every national crisis is bound to show up: first, a lot o' dum fools in command; second, lot o great commanders in the ranks. An' fortunately before the crisis is over the hull thing is sure set right, and the men is where they oughter be. - Author: Ernest Thompson Seton
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#21. The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be reduced is that between friend and enemy. - Author: Carl Schmitt
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