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#1. I have been very afraid of writing about other cultures and countries. I've been worried about getting the research wrong. I ask a lot of questions. I try to visit the area. If I'm not able to do that, I search out people from that country who live elsewhere and ask questions.

Uwem Akpan

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#2. I've done smarter things in my life. Once, for example, I threw myself out of a moving car in order to take on a truckload of lycanthropes singlehandedly."
~Harry Dresden

Jim Butcher

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#3. Whether you're talking about political borders or aesthetic divisions (and clearly, the political ones have much more tragic consequences), it seems like once they are created, we want to patrol them, enforce them.

Matthea Harvey

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#4. We never have time, do we, for all that we don't exactly want to do.

Joyce Carol Oates

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#5. It is a scientifically proven fact that all scientifically proven facts have originated from original and thereby unproven theories.

Silvia Hartmann

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#6. You have to imagine your way through. Never say something can't be done, even if it's weird.

Maureen Johnson

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#7. The media doesn't always reflect reality.

John Catsimatidis

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#8. societies define themselves by how they define and manage dangers.

Baruch Fischhoff

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#9. [Golfers] are a special kind of moral relist who nips the normal romantic and idealstic yearnings in the bud by proving once or twice a week that life is unconquerable but endurable.

Alistair Cooke

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#10. Only you must have worthy foes hate, but not enemies worthy of contempt. You must be proud of your enemy.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#11. It was like Latham: sometimes the point wasn't being the best, because it didn't mean you had the best life, or the best friends, or the best time.

Robyn Schneider

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