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#1. Does the thoughtful man suppose that ... the present experiment in civilization is the last world we will see? - Author: George Santayana
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#2. A dog who thinks he is a man's best friend is a dog who obviously has never met a tax lawyer. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#3. Let your repentance salt my shoe leather," I said presently, "and then, as I lately sheathed my blade of anger, so sheath you my blade of love. - Author: John Barth
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#4. He hadn't told her to fuck off out of anger, but more out of the conviction that if you don't make a habit of standing up for yourself in the small moments, you'll never be able to do it when the big ones rolled around. - Author: Edward W. Robertson
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#5. A Dog can never brag about catching a cat that waited for him. - Author: Tonny K. Brown
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#6. If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens. - Author: Robert Browning
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#7. If you go get a passport, it might encourage you to at least consider the world around you. - Author: Chuck D
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#8. I really love the story in 'Twilight.' - Author: Isabelle Fuhrman
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#9. Greed can be very dangerous because you sacrifice your soul for the sake of something material, and then you start sacrificing people in order to keep that which is material. - Author: Eartha Kitt
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#10. Everyone says she's mad.'
'How do they know?' I asked.
'Because she's different from other people, I suppose.'
'Is that being mad?'
'No. Not really, I suppose madness is not seeing things as others see them. - Author: Ruskin Bond
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#11. Instead of being a student of a (given) field, I would like you to be the field. - Author: Jacob Barnett
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#12. I would love to write more children's books. There is such a high standard out there for children's books; there are really amazing writers. It is a fantastic creative outlet and such an amazing teaching tool. The thing I love about kids, too, is it is so imaginative and poetic. - Author: Jewel
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#13. I was fortunate enough to coach the U.S. Olympic team in Australia. - Author: Tommy Lasorda
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#14. If a man's eye is on the Eternal, his intellect will grow. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#15. The universe is one of continual creation, so therefore we too are continually creating. The form of our creativity is not as important the loving essence within a given form, because that love is the foundation of our creative expression itself, eternal and indestructible. - Author: Joseph Curiale
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#16. Rich and famous and doing good," mused Schlichtmann. "Rich isn't so difficult. Famous isn't so difficult. Rich and famous together aren't so difficult. Rich, famous, and doing good
now, that's very difficult. - Author: Jonathan Harr
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