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#1. Kip Keino, Moses Tanui, Paul Tergat, they all come from my tribe. Some say it is the food we eat that makes us strong, the way we live. In the history of our people we wear no clothes and we are used to drinking the blood of animals. - Author: Martin Lel
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#2. It is a misfortune for a science to be born too late when the means of observation have become too perfect. That is what is happening at this moment with respect to physical chemistry; the founders are hampered in their general grasp by third and fourth decimal places. - Author: Henri Poincare
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#3. Our Southside is a place apart: each piece of our living is a protest. - Author: Lorraine Hansberry
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#4. And I'm comfortable being who I am, so I think a lot of people who take over from a founder worry about how they compare to the founder; I worry about doing the best I can. - Author: Sanjay Kumar
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#5. When all else fails, stare straight into the sun. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#6. A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded gun on your coffee table- There's nothing wrong with them, but it's hard to stop thinking about. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#7. I never made a movie I would not take my family to see. - Author: Walter Brennan
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#8. Any city has to give some thought to its ambition and brand in order to set sustainability goals. - Author: Ginni Rometty
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#9. I was an afterthought, five thousand years later. A mistake, because Ciana was gone. I was the dissonant note on the end of a masterpiece symphony. I was the brushstroke that ruined the painting. - Author: Jodi Meadows
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#10. On my mother's side, I come from Midlands engineers and, on my father's, from tenant farmers near Oxford. - Author: John Sulston
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#11. If the pain wanders, do not waste your time with doctors. - Author: Mignon McLaughlin
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#12. I want to be a working actor; I want to do jobs that excite me and challenge me, and I want to something fun. - Author: Nathan Fillion
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#13. Once someone loves you that much, loves you more than you deserve, you can't go back to being loved the normal way. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#14. Mans nature indicates that he was created for three things: To think, to worship and to work. But thinking is not enough. Men are made to worship also, to bow down and adore in the presence of the Mystery inexpressible. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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