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#1. I try not to laugh at the fact that even when she's drunk, she has a hard time saying it. "Where do you want me to take you?" She drops her head back against my chest. "You can just keep carrying me. It's very relaxing. - Author: Jessica Sorensen
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#2. Sometimes the scene is a sad scene but you have to play it with a laugh to find out that that doesn't work or that there's really a part of that in it, and that's what rehearsal is for, to take that time. - Author: William Fichtner
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#3. Kids don't eat fast. They take their time; they talk and laugh. Sometimes it's really annoying, because you're like, 'Come on, it's bedtime!' But try it: You'll fill up before you know it, because it takes 20 minutes for your brain to know your stomach is full. - Author: Alison Sweeney
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#4. I can't learn nothing from listening to me. That's something I already know. - Author: Buddy Guy
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#5. Take time to laugh, to talk, to hug, and to cry. These are the human relief valves. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#6. Take time every day to laugh, to think, to cry. - Author: Jim Valvano
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#7. Mothers, take time to be a real friend to your children. Listen to your children, really listen. Talk with them, laugh and joke with them, sing with them, cry with them, hug them, honestly praise them. Yes, regularly spend unused one-on-one time with each child. Be a real friend to your children. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
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#8. I used to take myself very seriously, now it's all just funny. You gotta laugh at yourself. You know, most of the time when something's a big deal for us, it's only become a big deal in the space between our ears. - Author: Gillian Anderson
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#9. For many introverts like David, adolescence is the great stumbling place, the dark and tangled thicket of low self-esteem and social unease. In middle and high school, the main currency is vivacity and gregariousness; attributes like depth and sensitivity don't count for much. - Author: Susan Cain
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#10. Take time to play! Ask for what you want. Laugh. Live loudly. Be avid. Learn a new thing. Be Yourself! - Author: Mary Anne Radmacher
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#11. One time I took the swing shift just to get away from her for a few weeks, I just filled in for this guy who had a back injury, and I came home when no one was awake, and then I'd just take some sleeping pills and drink a few beers. Everyone had a good laugh. - Author: Rick Moody
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#12. And don't get all pissy if they laugh at you."
"Why should I take it personally? I didn't pick this costume, so they'll be laughing at you, not me."
A faint ghost of his old grin surfaces, but disappears almost immediately. - Author: Rysa Walker
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#13. My advice is: Don't take yourself too seriously, laugh a lot, enjoy your time with family, and appreciate the unique talents of others. Trust in God, love your neighbor, say you're sorry, forgive, and work hard. - Author: Willie Robertson
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#14. My heart is a desolate field over which geese vee, the sky turns and the days lie fallow ... - Author: John Geddes
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#15. Time to live, time to lie, time to laugh, and time to die. Take it easy baby. Take it as it comes. - Author: Jim Morrison
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#16. As you're rushing through life, take time to stop a moment, look into people's eyes, say something kind, and try to make them laugh! - Author: Barbara Johnson
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#17. It still hurts and I think the 'hurting phase' might take a long time. The fact that we can't hear you laugh breaks us into pieces. One thing's for sure though, you don't need to worry about us. We'll get by... - Author: Bianca Salindong
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#18. May you find grace to be great. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#19. I would feel ill without theater. It's kind of a cliche, but every time you make a mistake, you really do have to learn from it to move on. When you're doing something live, there's no time to dwell. Hopefully you'll laugh it off, but if not, you can always take a day to hate yourself. - Author: Nina Arianda
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#20. The joy of motherhood comes in moments ... Families need unstructured time when relationships can deepen and real parenting can take place. Take time to listen, to laugh, and to play together. - Author: M. Russell Ballard
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#21. In lieu of Tasers, you'll have to hit me. Hard as you can. Then maybe some kind of fight-or-flight response will kick in and I'll turn into a bat to get away from you."
"Fight or flight."
"Only half of that is flight. - Author: Adam Rex
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#22. So Dorothy said we might was well go out to Fountainblo with Louie and Robber if Louie would take off his yellow spats which were made of yellow shammy skin with pink pearl buttons. Because Dorothy said, 'Fun is fun but no girl wants to laugh all the time. - Author: Anita Loos
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#23. At Christmas, 'It's a Wonderful Life' makes me cry in exactly the same places every time, even though I know it's coming. - Author: Nicholas Lea
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#24. I happen to think that a book is of extraordinary value if it gives the reader nothing more than a smile or two. It's perfectly okay to take a book, read it, have a good time, giggle and laugh - and turn off the TV. I love that. - Author: Barbara Park
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#25. When we are walking our chosen path, we walk elegantly, emanating light. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#26. I reckon the gods laugh many a time to hear us, but what matters so long as we remember that we're only men and don't take to fancying that we're gods ourselves, really, knowing good and evil. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#27. A tragedy is a tragedy, and at the bottom, all tragedies are stupid. Give me a choice and I'll take A Midsummer Night's Dream over Hamlet every time. Any fool with steady hands and a working set of lungs can build up a house of cards and then blow it down, but it takes a genius to make people laugh. - Author: Stephen King
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#28. You only live once this time around ... have no fear, take every chance, live, laugh, love. - Author: Rosanne Lombardo Heaton
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#29. I wanted so badly to believe, but the fear felt as great and overwhelming as the desire. - Author: Rachel Cohn
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#30. The mode of delivering a truth makes, for the most part, as much impression on the mind of the listener as the truth itself. - Author: Frances Wright
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#31. Take time to laugh; it is the music of the soul.
Take time to be friendly; it is the road to happiness.
Take time to dream; it is what the future is made of.. - Author: Unknown
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#32. Angels have a sense of humor ... The angels wants us to enjoy life. Have a good laugh at yourself every now and again for taking life seriously. Then take time to laugh with the angels! - Author: Margaret Neylon
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