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#1. The tomb lies at the end of every path. Only the soul is immortal. Guard this treasure well. Your decaying husk is but a temporary vessel on an endless voyage. - Author: William Hjortsberg
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#2. Some people just need to read and think, to spend time alone sorting through the stories in their heads - Author: Ronald T. Potter-Efron
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#3. There were piles of tailings and chunks of concrete studded with rebar around the oil rig, which continued to bob its head up and down as if it knew the sad ways of the world, as if depressedly resigned to what was happening, as if saying: 'Of course. Of course. - Author: Hugh Howey
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#4. Kaethe Schwehn's poignant memoir explores longing, both spiritual and physical, community and faith, in prose that is calm, lovely, and filled with clear-eyed honesty and grace. Tailings is simply an exquisite book. - Author: Dinty W. Moore
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#5. The idiot was not a lot of thinking, which is an important move on. Smart people mostly think, consequently never stepped - Author: Bob Sadino
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#6. ...just seeing him standing there made a smile run through her clear down to her toes. - Author: Ann H. Gabhart
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#7. Fear not of evil.. Everyday dem flesh it grow old
Changes of the time take the toll. - Author: Damian Marley
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#8. She could break him, and he didn't care. - Author: Apryl Baker
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#9. Someone who believes everything he is told simply can't be a scientist, but someone who believes nothing will wind up in jail or prematurely buried. - Author: Luis Alvarez
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#10. He drove a truck because he thought everybody should drive a truck- that driving around in car was like living with your hands tied behind your back - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#11. There is no girl we are not always already making into a woman from the moment she is born - making a city in the dirt next to the boot of a man. It could be rage or love in his feet. The girl could be me or any other girl. - Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
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#12. If you do things, whether it's acting or music or painting, do it without fear - that's my philosophy. Because nobody can arrest you and put you in jail if you paint badly, so there's nothing to lose. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
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#13. Wartime lipstick is necessarily cobbled together from whatever tailings and gristle were left over once all the good stuff was use to grease propeller shafts. A florid and cloying scent is needed to conceal its unspeakable mineral and animal origins.
It is the smell of War. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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