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#1. True. We both could. One of these days our search history is going to tip off the NSA and then we're going to be in trouble. It was a valid worry for a writer. - Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
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#2. Imagination is the voice of the daring. - Author: Henry Miller
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#3. One mighty deed can change the course of things; a lonely thought becomes omnipotent. - Author: Sri Aurobindo
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#4. I've been on this earth for sixty-six years, and I've reached a conclusion and it's a fact: women are strange creatures. - Author: Phil Robertson
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#5. I think lots of actors are very nervous and shy. I know lots of them who are, and some who aren't of course. - Author: Maggie Smith
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#6. The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake. - Author: Meister Eckhart
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#7. Christ,Syn," said another male."You are out of your fucking mind."
"That's right,Frosty;" Synjon said against Petra's ear."Mad as a hatter. - Author: Laura Wright
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#8. Superstitions add texture to life. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#9. I think when you move past your fear and you go after your dreams wholeheartedly, you become free. - Author: LL Cool J
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#10. A sheltered life knows no risk or consequence. - Author: Jeremiah Cross
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#11. Art is communication spoken by man for humanity in a language raised above the everyday happening. - Author: Mary Wigman
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#12. Time unravels what happens within time. - Author: Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
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#13. I've never seen a man go after a woman like that. Holy sh*t, it's like porn with the romance. - Author: Katy Evans
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