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#1. Anybody can say she's an actress. It's another thing to get a job. - Author: Heather Locklear
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#2. I always thought I was going to be an artist. All I ever did was draw. I only ever turned to writing because I couldn't find somebody to write the kind of stuff I wanted to do. That just spiraled out of control. - Author: Jonathan Hickman
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#3. But part of him wanted to say: Forget the world. He didn't want to be without her. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#4. What child has ever known the country and has not twined hundreds of fragrant wreaths with the yellow shining cowslip and the more frail and delicate violet - mingling here and there green leaves culled from the odorous eglantine, or, as we more commonly call it, sweetbriar. - Author: Dorothea Dix
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#5. Every time we give in to selfishness and say "No" to God, we spoil his loving plan for us. - Author: Pope Francis
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#6. We've chosen to stay part of the Westminster system, but we don't want to be a forgotten, sidelined part of it. - Author: Nicola Sturgeon
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#7. Where shall we look for standard English but to the words of a standard man? - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#8. In the context of food and consumption, too-muchness translates into not-enoughness: your appetites are too big for the planet, and therefore, you probably shouldn't be here. - Author: Melissa Broder
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