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Top 15 Summoner's Rift Quotes

#1. Not exist? But I made her. She's mine. You can't exist if I don't, stupid girl. - Author: Stylo Fantome
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#2. What did the mat say to the door? You must be really aDOORable to open up to everyone who knock at you. And I welcome everyone and what do I get? People stepping all over me - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
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#3. For the speedy reader paragraphs become a country the eye flies over looking for landmarks, reference points, airports, restrooms, passages of sex. - Author: William H Gass
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#4. May it please your High Majesty," said the second Mouse, whose name was Peepiceek, "we are all waiting to cut off our own tails if our Chief must go without his. We will not bear the shame of wearing an honor which is denied to the High Mouse. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#5. I feel you in my bones. You're knocking at my windows. You're slow to letting me go. And I know this feeling, This feeling in my bones. - Author: Tegan Quin
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#6. Don't worry, be happy! Embrace your weirdness. - Author: Cara Delevingne
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#7. We can begin to become more diligent and concerned at home by telling the people we love that we love them. Such expressions do not need to be flowery or lengthy. We simply should sincerely and frequently express love. - Author: David A. Bednar
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#8. It appears likely that there was no normative pattern of church government in the apostolic age, and that the organizational structure of the church is no essential element in the theology of the church. - Author: George Eldon Ladd
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#9. Something in a writer's brain needs to watch everything with a detached, amoral eye. - Author: Damon Galgut
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#10. Their patch was a molecule with fangs under the words exite! chemicus sum! Which was Latin for, Back off, man! I'm a scientist! - Author: Larry Correia
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#11. I always knew I had something special. - Author: Roger Federer
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#12. Nothing is worse for me, as an actor, than when I walk on a set and the director goes, "Okay, you're going to be standing here, the other person is going to be standing here, and you're going to move to there and then do the scene." That doesn't help actors. - Author: Eric Balfour
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#13. You're rare, Severine. Just like your name. It's impossible to forget you. - Author: Calia Read
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#14. The way to expand your joy is by expanding your capacity for discomfort and failure. - Author: Johnny B. Truant
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#15. If you understand what the other team is trying to do to stop you, it makes your job easier. - Author: Marshall Faulk
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