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#1. The Bible is clear that those who fail to heed the Lord's discipline - whether nations, cities, or individuals - suffer devastating consequences. - Author: Charles Stanley
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#2. We have to all shoulder the responsibility for keeping the planet habitable, or we're going to suffer the consequences - together. - Author: Barack Obama
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#3. To suffer destructive consequences is to obey laws in human nature - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#4. If we misuse the gift of sexuality, we're going to suffer the consequences, and I firmly believe we are suffering the consequences. - Author: Salvatore J. Cordileone
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#5. Those who choose differently must suffer the consequences. They must take the pain their decisions bring. - Author: Sachin Kundalkar
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#6. You can't have it both ways. Love is too powerful to hide for very long. Deny it and suffer the consequences. Acknowledge it and suffer the consequences. Revealing it can either be shameful or it can be liberating. It is for others to decide which it will be. - Author: Tonya Hurley
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#7. I think we make our own hell down here
during our life times-
the penalty for not being true;
the punishment for fear;
we suffer the consequences - Author: Heather Nova
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#8. To a considerable degree, all minority groups suffer from the same state of marginality with its haunting consequences of insecurity, conflict, and irritation. - Author: Gordon W. Allport
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#9. Ever since Eve started it all by offering Adam the apple, woman's punishment has been to supply a man with food then suffer the consequences when it disagrees with him. - Author: Helen Rowland
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#10. Freedoers are at disadvantage compared with freethinkers because people suffer more obviously from the consequences of deeds than from those of thoughts. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#11. If you love, love totally; if you hate, hate totally. Don't be fragmentary; suffer the consequences. Because of consequences you try to deceive. - Author: Rajneesh
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#12. Any nation that allows the government to dominate its monetary and economic policies will ultimately suffer grave consequences. - Author: James Cook
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#13. I'm going to do the worst possible thing I could do to you and your people - what my grandfather would have done to you. "I'm going to leave you all to suffer the consequences of your own actions. - Author: Terry Goodkind
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#14. If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you're allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#15. The Bible teaches that there is a holy God whose law constitutes a transcendent, universally valid standard of right and wrong. Our choice has no effect at all on this standard; our choice simply determines whether we accept it, or reject it and suffer the consequences. - Author: Charles W. Colson
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#16. It is the people who have no say in making wars who suffer from the consequences of them. - Author: Jean Plaidy
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#17. I feel badly for the people who suffer from the side effects and consequences of hazardous pharmaceuticals. It's antithetical to the Hippocratic oath. - Author: Chris Kilham
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#18. God has prescribed the remedy for the spiritual sickness of the human race. The solution is personal faith and commitment to Jesus Christ ... if we deliberately refuse it, we must suffer the horrible consequences. - Author: Billy Graham
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#19. Time and again our best and brightest have alerted society to looming problems, but our persistent pattern has been to ignore the warnings and suffer the consequences. The pathetic refrain of recent years
'Nobody saw this coming'
is always a self-serving lie. - Author: Eugene Linden
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#20. The consequences of karma are definite: Negative actions always bring about suffering, and positive actions always bring happiness. If you do good, you will have happiness; if you do bad, you yourself suffer. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
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#21. Whenever you possess something, but lack the understanding of its value, there are some consequences you suffer. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#22. I'd rather suffer the consequences of truth than of silence. - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#23. I am not a politician ... I only suffer the consequences. - Author: Peter Tosh
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#24. Food is available, but it cannot be shipped into an area, so the people in that area suffer the consequences. - Author: Ralph Merkle
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#25. I have lived under the threat of death for a year now. And because of that, I have made choices. Listen to me. I alone should suffer the consequences of those choices, no one else. And those consequences, they're coming. No more prolonging the inevitable. - Author: Walter White
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#26. Those who don't want to supply what life demands suffer the consequences. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#27. I've written some great things. That's a gift, but there's consequences. Yeah, you get this great work, but you suffer. You really, really suffer. - Author: Frank Ocean
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#28. Everyone will experience the consequences of his own acts. If his act are right, he'll get good consequences; if they're not, he'll suffer for it. - Author: Harry Browne
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#29. I've seen firsthand the terrible consequences of drug abuse. My heart is with all who suffer from addiction and the terrible consequences for their families. - Author: Columba Bush
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#30. We hold the future in our hands, together, we must ensure that our grandchildren will not have to ask why we failed to do the right thing, and let them suffer the consequences. - Author: Ban Ki-moon
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#31. Anyone who is contemplating going to Afghanistan does need to think very carefully about the consequences, both to them and their families in terms of the grief they may suffer, as well as contemplate the legal action that might follow on their return, if they were to return, - Author: Geoff Hoon
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#32. Society continually tells victims to 'get over it', or 'it's in the past'. I can assure you that the treatment of those of us who survive will not be "in the past" as long as one of us draws breath, for we suffer the consequences every second of our existence. - Author: JB Rowley
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#33. You can be genuinely forgiven by God and other people but still suffer the consequences from a particular sin in your life. - Author: Johnny Hunt
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#34. She [Samantha Lyle] was a realist, someone who knew choices were meant to be made, and that one must suffer the consequences of those choices, no matter what they were. - Author: Ayr Bray
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#35. Sometimes living with him is like being told to hold my breath as a matter of life and death - but never being told when to let that breath out. So I don't know what to do for the best. To let out that breath and suffer the consequences or to keep holding on no matter what it does to me. - Author: Dorothy Koomson
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#36. We must also suffer the consequences of our past decisions. And for that, we must open our hearts to those in need. - Author: Katharine Hayhoe
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#37. Believe me, you're going to have to do much worse than this
in the pursuit of freedom, the innocents will suffer
and at your hands. - Author: Jasper Fforde
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#38. To go to prison because of your convictions and be prepared to suffer for what you believe in, is something worthwhile. It is an achievement for a man to do his duty on earth irrespective of the consequences. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#39. You are not punished for your sins and suffer later in some kind of torture chamber; you are punished BY your sins and suffer consequences NOW. Just like your court systems. You do a crime now you get punished now - Author: Gregory Willis
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#40. If you drink too much, you go out and you harm to somebody, you have to suffer the consequences. Same way with health matters. You don't have the right to demand that someone else take care of you because of your habits. - Author: Ron Paul
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#41. I hope he remembers everyday why he lost his future. He may spend the rest of his life in prison, but at least his heart is still beating, he can still breathe. He made this choice. He should have to suffer the consequences of it. - Lilianna Gregor - Author: H.R. Willaston
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#42. The real first kiss is the one that tells you what it feels like to be an adult and doesn't let you be a child anymore. The first kiss is the one that you suffer the consequences of. It was as if I had been playing Russian roulette and finally got the cylinder with the bullet in it. - Author: Heather O'Neill
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#43. I give you warning. You and your false god cannot stand against the power of Alseiass! Leave now or suffer the consequences! If I call on Alseiass, you will know pain such as you have never felt." "Well, priest, if I take my blade to your fat hide, you'll know some pain yourself! - Author: John Flanagan
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#44. If a businessman makes a mistake, he suffers the consequences. If a bureaucrat makes a mistake, you suffer the consequences. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#45. I think one of the defining moments of adulthood is the realization that nobody's going to take care of you. That you have to do the heavy lifting while you're here. And when you don't, well, you suffer the consequences. - Author: Adam Savage
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#46. It is always the case that both victim and perpetrator suffer the consequences of any acts of violence, oppression, or brutality. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#47. Some people would rather suffer the consequences of procrastination than the humiliation of trying and not doing as well as they had hoped. - Author: Jane B. Burka
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