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#1. I realize now that I was a feminist and the minute I heard the word I certainly knew it meant me, but at that time I don't think we had the label yet. But there's no doubt about it that I was born a feminist.

Marlo Thomas

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#2. I don't think success is a place or a definition, I think it's a direction.

Charles Wang

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#3. People should decide what success means for them, and not be distracted by accepting others' definitions of success.

Tony Levin

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#4. A love like yours doesn't come along every day, you know. Love him. Let him love you. Make the most out of every single day, so at the end of it all, you can say you don't have any regrets.

Kristen Proby

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#5. The ultimate definition of success is: you could lose everything that you have and truly be okay with it. Your happiness isn't based on external factors.

Tony Hsieh

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#6. I have a definition of success..

Benjamin Zander

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Abdul Kalam

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#8. The definition of success is total preparation.

George Allen

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#9. I'm just thrilled and kind of honored that I still get the chance to do what I love, because that really is the definition of success.

Gavin Rossdale

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#10. If you're happy, that's probably the most important thing. Everyone probably has their own definition of success, for me it's happiness. Do I enjoy what I'm doing? Do I enjoy the people I'm with? Do I enjoy my life?

Michael Dell

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#11. You have to work hard for what you want to achieve and you have to set goals and dreams and really go for them.

Natalie Du Toit

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#12. I'd like to expand the definition of the word 'success' to include 'failure' as the one seems inseparable from the other.

Dov Davidoff

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#13. My definition of success? Being the kind of woman that I would want to have as a friend.

Maria Shriver

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#14. Don't take anyone else's definition of success as your own. (This is easier said than done.)

Jacqueline Briskin

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#15. My favorite definition of success is that it is a state of mind combined with a state of readiness. You can have one and be a flop; if you have both, you'll win every time.

Carolyn Warner

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#16. Realize that ultimate success comes from opportunistic,bold moves which by definition, cannot be planned.

F. Ross Johnson

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#17. No one can become successful for you. It takes personal definitions, personal decisions, personal convictions, personal actions and personal responsibility to succeed in life.

Archibald Marwizi

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#18. I've always dressed the same. I've never made a fashion mistake. I've always worn utilitarian. I started my collection because I wanted certain specific things, but before that it was vintage and classic Brooks Brothers.

Thom Browne

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#19. My definition of success is "the fulfillment of your soul's purpose."

Jack Canfield

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#20. My definition of success is not having things thrown at me!

Orson Welles

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#21. To freely bloom - that is my definition of success.

Gerry Spence

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#22. My definition of success: When your core values and self-concept are in harmony with your daily actions and behaviors.

John Spence

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#23. Does an artist truly need to understand her times in order to create? I'm not sure. We're all sitting in a context. It's a market.

Sara Genn

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#24. People often say to me, "How come you don't want to be CEO of a company?" And I tell them, "I don't want to." I know I can do it, but I don't enjoy it. Why does that have to be the definition of success?

Charlene Li

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#25. Either well succeed, or we wont succeed. And the definition of success as I described is sectarian violence down. Success is not no violence.

George W. Bush

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#26. The definition of success is getting many of the things money can buy and all the things money can't buy.

Zig Ziglar

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#27. I have always liked the idea of Superman because I have always liked the idea that there is one person in the world who doesn't do bad things. And that there is one person in the world who is able to fly.

Douglas Coupland

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