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#1. No amount of preaching, exhortation, sympathy, benevolence, will render the condition of our working women what it should be, so long as the kitchen and needle are substantially their only resources. - Author: Horace Greeley
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#2. We looked into and tested the Airbnb website and found the inquiries generated were at price points substantially lower than the market is prepared to pay us directly. It was clear that there were no real synergies between the level of our offering and what Airbnb clientele is looking for. - Author: Harry Triguboff
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#3. While I do not suggest that humanity will ever be able to dispense with its martyrs, I cannot avoid the suspicion that with a little more thought and a little less belief their number may be substantially reduced. - Author: John B. S. Haldane
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#4. Although we deal with probabilities and expectations, the actual results can deviate substantially from such expectations, particularly on a short-term basis. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#5. I believe it is imperative to see modern English grammar as a rich and diverse linguistic system deposited on our [England's] shores 1,500 years ago, and left with us unweakened, though substantially changed by the social and political events of the intervening period. - Author: Robert Burchfield
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#6. In the most intimate, hidden and innermost ground of the soul, God is always essentially, actively, and substantially present. Here the soul possesses everything by grace which God possesses by nature. - Author: Johannes Tauler
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#7. The direct investment of Japanese businesses to East Asian economies accelerates the reallocation of their production bases. Consequently, between Japan and the other East Asian countries, both exports and imports are growing substantially. - Author: Toshihiko Fukui
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#8. Most of the time in America, we're surrounded by oppressive inequality such that the wealthiest 1 percent collectively own substantially more than the bottom 90 percent. One escape from that is America's wild places. - Author: Nicholas Kristof
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#9. In Southern California along the coast, if the only thing you can do with the land is agriculture, it would be substantially less (in value) than property that has almost any other allowable use. - Author: Bill Vaughan
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#10. It is substantially true, that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government. The rule, indeed, extends with more or less force to every species of free government. - Author: George Washington
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#11. If you don't get substantially what you want, be ready to walk. And don't look back. - Author: Norman Granz
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#12. The time may come when not offering this substantially more effective nutritional approach will be considered malpractice. - Author: Joel Fuhrman
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#13. Back in 2003, when I was home secretary, I introduced the victim surcharge on offenders to substantially expand the support available and, I hoped, the protection of witnesses who were brave enough to come forward. - Author: David Blunkett
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#14. The North Korean landscape is strikingly beautiful in places. It could be said to resemble America's Pacific Northwest - but substantially drained of color. - Author: Barbara Demick
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#15. God, we are told, looked upon the world after he had created it and pronounced it good; but ascetic pietists, in their wisdom, cast their eyes over it, and substantially pronounce it a dead failure, a miserable production, a poor concern. - Author: Christian Nestell Bovee
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#16. A too-swift and easy coalition victory may substantially increase the risk of future wars. - Author: Robert Manne
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#17. Do not confuse objectives with methods. When the nation becomes substantially united in favor of planning the broad objectives of civilization, then true leadership must unite thought behind definite methods. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
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#18. The present custom of orthodox Christendom, in packing their sins upon the back of a God, is just the same substantially as that of various heathen nations who were anciently in the habit of packing them upon the backs of various dumb animals. - Author: Kersey Graves
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#19. The spirit of 1776 is not dead. It had only been slumbering. The body of the American people is substantially republican. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#20. The Curiosity rover has confirmed and substantially expanded earlier findings that Mars was warmer and much wetter a long time ago. - Author: Anonymous
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#21. Do we substantially increase military spending and prepare for endless war in the middle-east, or do we make college affordable for all Americans, regardless of income. My answer: I will soon be introducing legislation that will make public colleges and universities tuition free. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#22. I think it is inevitable that people program poorly. Training will not substantially help matters. We have to learn to live with it. - Author: Alan Perlis
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#23. The American experience stirred mankind from discovery to exploration. From the cautious quest for what they knew (or thought they knew) was out there, into an enthusiastic reaching to the unknown. These are two substantially different kinds of human enterprise. - Author: Daniel J. Boorstin
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#24. Death is universal. The rituals associated with it, however, vary substantially - and are greatly influenced by their religious and cultural context. - Author: Richard J. Borden
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#25. Ants are the leading removers of dead creatures on the land. And the rest of life is substantially dependent upon them. - Author: E. O. Wilson
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#26. the United States will need substantially more revenues to close the budget deficit, especially recognizing the need to increase federal spending in certain critical areas. I - Author: Jeffrey D. Sachs
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#27. I start out with the assumption that a lawyer in a criminal case is going to be incompetent - substantially so. I find my assumption to be rarely wrong. Yet society starts out with the very opposite assumption. - Author: Vincent Bugliosi
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#28. The world that our children will inherit is going to look substantially different, very quickly, than the world we have today. It's alarming. - Author: Stefanie Powers
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#29. If we provide the young with a strong foundation, we can leave behind a legacy substantially greater than most are able to bequeath. As for the women, the old adage that you invest in a woman, you invest in a generation, still rings true today. - Author: Joyce Banda
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#30. Small changes can magnifiy. The possibility of interpersonal communication has increased substantially with contemporary technology. But as compared with the major changes, which were long ago, these are not huge. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#31. It's generally much easier to kill an organization than to change it substantially. - Author: Kevin Kelly
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#32. Most people start claiming benefits within a year of when they become eligible, although benefits increase substantially if they wait. - Author: Richard Thaler
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#33. Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy. - Author: George F. Kennan
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#34. In most, if not quite all, parts of the world, the size, shape and longevity of the human body have changed more substantially, and much more rapidly, during the past three centuries than over many previous millennia. - Author: Robert Fogel
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#35. Study after study confirms that even when you control for variables like profession, education, hours worked, age, marital status, and children, men still are compensated substantially more - even in professions, like nursing, dominated by women. No wonder there's a gender gap. - Author: Dee Dee Myers
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#36. Circumstances in the world of politics contribute substantially to whether or not you can be successful. - Author: Willie Brown
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#37. I fully expected that, by the end of the century, we would have achieved substantially more than we actually did. - Author: Neil Armstrong
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#38. Naturally, the psychological susceptibility of a match participant is significantly higher than a participant in a tournament, since each game substantially changes the over-all position. - Author: Mikhail Tal
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#40. Merely knowing that you are not the only resister makes it substantially easier to reject the crowd. - Author: Adam M. Grant
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#41. Money is power, and in that government which pays all the public officers of the states will all political power be substantially concentrated. - Author: Andrew Jackson
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#42. Well we've left behind the 200X's, and we move onto the 20XX's. Maybe that will finally make us feel like we're living in the future, rather than a media controlled slave state where an iPhone is worth substantially more than a human life. Happy new year. - Author: Yahtzee Croshaw
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#43. A child's permanent personality is substantially formed by age six. - Author: David Baldacci
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#44. When the Promise of American life is conceived as a national ideal, whose fulfillment is a matter of artful and laborious work, the effect thereof is substantially to identify the national purpose with the social problem. - Author: Herbert Croly
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#45. Naturally, we will continue to offer very powerful vehicles in the future. Nevertheless, no other manufacturer has reduced the CO2 emissions of its fleet as substantially as the BMW Group. - Author: Norbert Reithofer
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#46. Contaminated food is a major cause of diarrhea, substantially contributing to malnutrition and killing about 2.2 million people each year, most of them children. - Author: Gro Harlem Brundtland
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#47. Try Tart Cherry Juice. Studies have shown that drinking 6 oz. of Tart Cherry Juice twice a day seven days prior to the run and two days after can substantially reduce delayed muscle onset soreness. - Author: Krista Albrecht
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#48. I arose and spoke substantially as follows: ... I love the government and the constitution of the United States, but I do not love the damned rascals who administer the government. - Author: Brigham Young
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#49. In 21 projects studied that same year, estimates were prepared by a third party, typically a systems analyst. The developers in these cases substantially outperformed the projects in which estimating was done by a programmer and/or a supervisor - Author: Tom DeMarco
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#50. Twigs has been my nickname for years, and I guess a lot of people close to me called me Twigs, like, as a nickname. Before I even did dancing properly or anything, like, substantially creative, I was still Twigs. - Author: FKA Twigs
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#51. The virus is moving quite substantially into new locations. My attention is pretty much equally divided between Europe, the southern Balkans and Black Sea area, Africa and south Asia. - Author: David Nabarro
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#52. After the accession to the euro zone, interest rates declined substantially in Portugal. - Author: Anibal Cavaco Silva
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#53. Be substantially great in thyself, and more than thou appearest unto others. - Author: Thomas Browne
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#54. In particular, I established a reasonably accurate energy threshold for permanent displacement of a nucleus from its regular lattice position, substantially smaller than had been previously presumed. - Author: Walter Kohn
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#55. The college that takes students with modest entering abilities and improves their abilities substantially contributes more than the school that takes very bright students and helps them develop only modestly. - Author: Derek Bok
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#56. I think it will be found that he who speaks with most authority on a given subject is not ignorant of what has been said by his predecessors. He will take his place in a regular order, and substantially add his own knowledge to the knowledge of previous generations. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#57. We met our partners in Europe, and they are signaling to us that supplies from traditional European gas production sources is falling, and falling substantially. Without new volumes of Russian gas, they simply cannot cope. - Author: Alexey Miller
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#58. Concentration of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, have increased substantially since the beginning of the industrial revolution. And the National Academy of Sciences indicates that the increase is due in large part to human activity. - Author: George W. Bush
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#59. I do believe that we should substantially lower student debt in this country, which is crushing millions of people. We pay for it, in my view, by a tax on Wall Street speculation. The middle class bailed out Wall Street in their time of need. Now, it is Wall Street's time to help the middle class. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#60. Companions, in misery and worse, that is what we all are, and to try to change this substantially avails us nothing. - Author: Franz Liszt
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#61. Historically, absolute IQ scores have risen substantially as we've changed our environment so that more people go to school longer. - Author: Alison Gopnik
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#62. We have substantially improved our position in Japan which now represents a major part of our business. - Author: David Milne
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#63. My esteem in this country has gone up substantially. It is very nice now when people wave at me, they use all their fingers. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#64. your need to consume calories on a regular schedule will diminish substantially when blood glucose levels are moderated and you start burning fat and ketones more efficiently through low-insulin - Author: Mark Sisson
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#65. I strongly believe that for the steel prices to be market-driven, without distortions, we need to substantially increase the production capacity. - Author: Jitin Prasada
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#66. The accepted versions of the Bible are all substantially correct. - Author: William Bell Riley
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#67. I have to tell you I think you've substantially set back your progress, she told me, and though it sounds stupid, I felt tears pricking at the back of my eyes when she said that. I hadn't been aware I'd made any progress, and now I'd gone and set it back. - Author: Tamar Cohen
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#68. Pronounce a lover 'perfect' can only be a sign that we have failed to understand them. We can claim to have begun to know someone only when they have substantially disappointed us. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#69. Marriage, and the process of coming to it, is not heaven! It is the bonding together of two needy sinners in order to make a partnership which is substantially greater than either of them alone. - Author: Sinclair B. Ferguson
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#70. He is omnipresent not only virtually but also substantially. ... In him all things are contained and move, but he does not act on them nor they on him. ... He is always and everywhere. ... He is all eye, all ear, all brain, all arm, all force of sensing, of understanding, and of acting.5 - Author: James Gleick
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#71. It is a great advantage for a system of philosophy to be substantially true. - Author: Sophia Loren
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#72. You can always substantially change how intelligent you are. - Author: Carol S. Dweck
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#73. Conventional dogmas, even if endowed with the authority of an Aristotle - ancient or modern - must be tested vigorously. If they are found wanting, we need not bother with them. But if they are found to be substantially correct, we may not overlook them. - Author: Norman Lamm
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#74. This is why, in a nutshell, advice is overrated. I can tell you something, and it's got a limited chance of making its way into your brain's hippocampus, the region that encodes memory. If I can ask you a question and you generate the answer yourself, the odds increase substantially. - Author: Michael Bungay Stanier
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#75. Moreover, the concern of some that moving DNA among species would breach customary breeding barriers and have profound effects on natural evolutionary processes has substantially disappeared as the science revealed that such exchanges occur in nature. - Author: Paul Berg
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#76. It's sad - it's sad for us old enough to remember when directors ruled, and films were substantially better than they are today. But it's hard to argue with those kinds of grosses. - Author: Mark Rydell
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#77. I think that having good data, good statistics-and the United States generally has better macroeconomic statistics than most countries-and having good economists to interpret those data and present the policy alternatives, has a substantially beneficial effect on policymaking in the United States. - Author: Ben Bernanke
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#78. Some companies out there quote a start of production that is substantially in advance of when customers get their cars. - Author: Elon Musk
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#79. Suddenly, police departments were capable of increasing the size of their budgets, quite substantially, simply by taking the cash, cars, and homes of people suspected of drug use or sales. - Author: Michelle Alexander
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#80. Okay, maybe I don't have to solve every problem with my fists ... but every once in awhile, a situation arises that is substantially improved by the judicious application of force. - Author: Matthew Woodring Stover
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#81. President Obama flew to China a few days ago and announced a joint environmental pact with the communist regime. The United States will reduce its carbon emissions substantially over the next 11 years. China will do absolutely nothing but hope that its emissions decline after 2030. - Author: Erick Erickson
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#82. College athletics are so entrenched and enjoyed by so many people that they will never be discontinued or substantially changed. I know that. I just pity the people caught in that tender trap. And most of all, I pity those kids. - Author: Susan Orlean
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#83. Nothing crushes freedom as substantially as a tank. - Author: Shirley Temple
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#84. Children will grow up substantially what they are by nature
and only that. - Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
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#85. Regular church-goers are substantially more likely than non-attenders to read, to take newspapers and magazines, to listen to classical music, to attend symphony concerts, operas, and stage plays. - Author: Rodney Stark
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#86. The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have
done thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level at which we have created them ... We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humankind is to survive. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#87. The Four Ideas: the Word, Time, Space, and the Atom. The ensuing effect is the idea of particles - the innumerable atoms, pair a or anu. These four - the Word, Time, Space, and the Atom - are therefore one and the same, and substantially nothing but mere ideas. - Author: Sri Yukteswar Giri
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#88. Might it be possible at some future time, when neurophysiology has advanced substantially, to reconstruct the memories or insight of someone long dead? ... It would be the ultimate breach of privacy. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#89. Quite frankly, there is no answer to climate change without substantially, dramatically, increasing the amount of renewable energy in the global energy system. - Author: Christiana Figueres
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#90. I'm substantially concerned about the policy directions of the space agency. We have a situation in the U.S. where the White House and Congress are at odds over what the future direction should be. They're sort of playing a game and NASA is the shuttlecock that they're hitting back and forth. - Author: Neil Armstrong
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#91. If you want to improve the situation of the poorest two billion on the planet, having the price of energy go down substantially would be the best thing you could do for them. - Author: Bill Gates
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#92. Substantially fewer films will be produced over the next year or two. And a significant portion of the production costs of the reduced slate will be borne by hedge funds and other investment groups. - Author: Peter Bart
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#93. Climate change is real. Climate change is being substantially increased by humans and the carbon we put into the atmosphere. And it appears to be speeding up. If science has made any mistakes, science has been underestimating it. - Author: James Balog
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#94. Dunning-Kruger effect: the tendency for some people to substantially overestimate their abilities. The less competent people are, the more they overestimate their abilities - which makes a strange kind of sense. - Author: Anonymous
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#95. Now, during the tourist season, she first tries to speed the sale of an item that has been difficult to move by increasing its price substantially. - Author: Robert B. Cialdini
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#96. Maybe some percentage that's substantially larger than 95 percent of VCs add zero value. I would bet that 70-80 percent add negative value to a startup in their advising. - Author: Vinod Khosla
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#97. The whole of the Saviour's ministerial life, at least the part of it that stands on record, was passed in what we may call substantially a revival work. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#98. Society is becoming less and less transparent. People no longer know where decisions that substantially affect their lives are taken, nor by whom, nor how. - Author: Georg Henrik Von Wright
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#99. It is of infinite importance to the public that the acts of magistrates should not only be substantially good, but also that they should be decorous. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#100. Nuclear weapons are so destructive and ballistic missiles are so swift, that any substantially increased possibility of their use or any sudden change in their deployment may well be regarded as a definite threat to peace. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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