Top 22 String Instrument Quotes

#1. The Marshall guitar amplifier doesn't just get louder when you turn it up. It distorts the sound to produce a whole range of new harmonics, effectively turning a plucked string instrument into a bowed one.

Brian Eno

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#2. There is no earthly reason why a solo string instrument or voice, having the possibility to play or sing pure intonation, should want, or try, to be tempered.

Lara St. John

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#3. I always think of a voice as an instrument, whether a voice is a trumpet, or violin, or bass. You know what I mean? A horn or wind instrument versus a string instrument. Horn instruments are definitely more toward jazz.

Debbie Harry

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#4. Every symphony, for example, is a sonata for orchestra; every string quartet is a sonata for four strings; every concerto a sonata for a solo instrument and orchestra.

Aaron Copland

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#5. Everyone else is waiting for eternity and the shamans are saying, 'How about tonight?'

Alberto Villoldo

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#6. Being a Catholic is the most important aspect of my life.

Mark Wahlberg

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#7. I love the cello, I love the physical sense of an instrument that's about the size of your body that vibrates enough that even if you play an open string, you feel it.

Tod Machover

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#8. Harmonics are vibrations a fraction of the length of the vibrating string, which add higher-pitched and more complex content to the notes. With a dull instrument, the harmonics die out, but with a sustaining instrument, the harmonics continue to sound along with the fundamental note.

Steve Albini

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#9. C. S. Lewis, when he wrote of his wife, We both knew this: I had my miseries, not hers; she had hers, not mine.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#10. When I die, I'm leaving my body to science fiction.

Steven Wright

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#11. If you have superpowers and no one can actually cause you any physical harm, then everything has to be very thought-through. You almost have to fake at being human.

Henry Cavill

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#12. As a matter of history, the Fourteenth Amendment was not understood to ban segregation on the basis of race.

Cass Sunstein

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#13. Mind share before market share.

Beth Comstock

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#14. The road is a lonely, exhausting, invigorating, and living thing, but the wonder of seeing things we never would have dreamed of makes it worth the price we pay to leave the safety of home

Zak Bagans

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#15. My mom played 12-string and sang, and my dad could play pretty much any wind instrument and had a great ear for harmony. Soon enough, my sister and I got into music because we were always around it, and people were always listening to it.

Nathaniel Rateliff

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#16. I'm going to fall on my face if I have to run next to you looking like that." "I don't look any different than most guys on the beach," he tried to persuade me. "It's you," I stressed. "Any other guy could look exactly like that shirtless,s but it's you shirtless that makes my brain go all stupid.

Rebecca Donovan

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#17. I fail to understand why gethes (Humans), talk about individuals versus society. They are the same thing. The action of every individual counts, and those individual acts of personal responsibility accumulate to create society. Snowflakes are equally blind to their role in causing avalanches.

Karen Traviss

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#18. Greatness of thoughts define greatness. Greatness in actions define immortality.

Debasish Mridha

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#19. When you play the 12-string guitar, you spend half your life tuning the instrument and the other half playing it out of tune.

Pete Seeger

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#20. Here's my love, not in little droplets, but from the very river of my being. It reaches all the way down to the roots of my being, tangling my heart in its burning mesh. For you. Drink deep.

Anne Rice

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#21. Occasionally, when I run into a great bass backstage at a festival I'll play a few notes on the low E string, just to feel the instrument vibrate against my belly.

Steve Swallow

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#22. Corruption is simply crime without conscience.

George Richard Marek

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