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Top 9 Stinkiest Quotes

#1. Dad also has the loudest, stinkiest farts in creation. I don't know how he manages to control them at work, or even if he does, but when he'd get home, he'd let them loose. They'd start as he walked up the stairs. - Author: Sharon M. Draper
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#2. DePaul's plot to deny me tenure had nothing to do with my faults. In fact, and ironically, it viciously attacked me and destroyed my career because of my virtues. Which, although few in number, they still found threatening. - Author: Norman Finkelstein
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#3. Later - how much later? Hard to tell. In times of tragedy clocks will trick you - Philip stood in the kitchen doorway. - Author: Dexter Palmer
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#4. If, with all the time at my disposal, with all the wealth of the resources of this vast universe, to do with as I will, I could not produce a better scheme of life than now prevails, I would be ashamed of my efforts and consider my work a humiliating failure. - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
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#5. The stinkiest hair products have got to be any sort of perm, and Nair. In fact, they smell remarkably similar. Do you think that Nair is just a souped-up version of a perm that makes your leg hair super-curl until it falls off? And can anything that smells that bad be good for you? - Author: Anita Renfroe
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#6. A man who wants time to read and write must let the grass grow long. - Author: Sloan Wilson
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#7. Jordan, the shy Runner with the copper braids, asks me twice if I'm okay. I just shrug her off. Yeah, something's wrong. Isn't that the understatement of the year. - Author: Marie Lu
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#8. It's like being at an animal shelter, where I want to be the one the most skittish dog takes a liking to. - Author: Emery Lord
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#9. Stenchgator, the Great Unwiped Bum... was listed in the Bumper Book of Bums as the stinkiest bum in the world. Most bums only registered one or two points on the Rectum scale, but Stenchgator came in at a nose-bruising 9.8 points. - Author: Griffiths, Andy
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