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Top 20 Stimulator Quotes

#1. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery - Author: Bob Marley
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#2. There are several patients - there are thousands of patients, tens of thousands of patients, that carry either a stimulator in the brain or in the periphery, in the inner ear, to restore neurological functions or to control diseases like Parkinson's disease. - Author: Miguel Nicolelis
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#3. When children are ready to talk, that is the time for parents to listen, regardless of the hour. - Author: Delbert L. Stapley
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#4. There is no doubt that radium is transformed spontaneously into an active gas, radon, emitting at the same time alpha particles, or helions. - Author: Frederic Joliot-Curie
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#5. I don't get recognised that much yet in London, but when I do I get a real sense of achievement. - Author: Idris Elba
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#6. Appetite, craving for food, is a constant and powerful stimulator of the gastric glands. - Author: Ivan Pavlov
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#7. And I was ashamed of myself for feeling like I had to do that in order to look a certain way. I felt misshapen, just not natural anymore. And I think it was a big stimulator of my drug use. - Author: Jamie Lee Curtis
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#8. This is the pain pacemaker. I've got a battery under my skin. From that battery are two electrodes that go into the spine where they cut bone away to accommodate it. Now I put on the power here. If I have the pain, the stimulator starts. It's tingling, like when your foot falls asleep, you know? - Author: Jerry Lewis
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#9. A list of equipment purchased under MKULTRA Subproject 49 includes "I shock stimulator." Whether the shock stimulator was used as a conditioning tool, to check for hypnotic resistance to pain, or to determine whether a hypnotic subject can perform under stress, is unknown. - Author: Colin A. Ross
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#10. We do not stop. You all took the oath to come here. Hard work lies before us in breeding our new community. - Adrian - Author: Donna Galanti
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#11. I've always been big into snowmobiles, four-wheelers, jet skis, all kinds of those X Games kind of things. - Author: Ben Roethlisberger
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#12. It was during my time at secondary school that I abandoned religion. - Author: Paul Nurse
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#13. The world will not end. This is ridiculous. I think it's like 2000. It's a great trick to do business and earn lots of money because stupid people hoard things. This is a stimulator of the economy. - Author: Ronnie Radke
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#14. The church must constantly fight the tendency to make rules and policies more important than people, because when that happens we are no longer following Jesus. - Author: Kyle Idleman
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#15. It is only in alert silence that truth can be. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#16. Most of an award-show host's job is showing up and keeping a cool head and soldiering through it, whether it's the Oscars or the Hallmark Channel's 'Hero Dog Awards.' - Author: Rob Sheffield
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#17. It's hard to tell these days what gender people are. You don't know if they're gay, if they're straight, or Bruce Jenner. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#18. The greatest stimulator of my running career was fear. - Author: Herb Elliott
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#19. You saved me because you could not bear the thought of leaving me behind." He touched my face, very gently. "Not from a sense of right and wrong, but because you are just that tenderhearted. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#20. I have never been a killer. I'm not an aggressive personality and if I can remember any emotion I felt during a race it was fear. The greatest stimulator of my running was fear. - Author: Herb Elliott
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