Top 6 Statue Of Zeus Quotes

#1. Playing our parts. Yes, we all have to do that and from childhood on, I have found that my own character has been much harder to play worthily and far harder at times to comprehend than any of the roles I have portrayed.

Bette Davis

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#2. I sketch the faces upside down because it's like drawing from the left side of the brain or the right side of the brain. I never took an art lesson in my life.

Stevie Nicks

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#3. Teachers are by nature idealists, and they believe anything can be learned.

Susan Wiggs

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#4. I do want people to know that the songs that I wrote when I was with women were really about women. And the songs that I've written since have been fairly obvious about men.

George Michael

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#5. She had made the choice for him - in a moment of flight and panic, but she had made it - not realizing that her Jace would rather die than be like this, and that she'd been not so much saving his life as damning him to an existence he would despise.

Cassandra Clare

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#6. To be a success, intensely focus on success oriented action not on roadblocks or obstacles.

Debasish Mridha

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